Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new [healthcheck] enabled option has been added. When this option is set to True, the healthcheck middleware is enabled in API pipeline and the additional API endpoint to monitor service availability becomes available at /healthcheck path.

Bug Fixes

  • Inspector now ignores failures to list ironic ports during pxe filter driver sync, and just skips the sync in this case. Previously such errors resulted in pxe filter driver being stuck in an uninitialized state until ironic inspector was restarted. See bug 2008971.

  • Fixes issues in Inspector where various tasks would not have retry logic applied to them and may sporadically fail. This is because the OpenStack SDK does not comprehend the NodeLocked error, which previously python-ironicclient silently handled. Basic operations such as “power reboot” and “set boot device” will now be retried automatically if they fail. For more information, please see story 2009107.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a failed inspection due to a transient failure can prevent retry attempts to inspect to be perceived as a failure. If a prior inspection fails and is in error state, when a new introspection is requested, the state is now appropriately set to starting.