Victoria Series (10.2.0 - 10.4.x) Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a failed inspection due to a transient failure can prevent retry attempts to inspect to be perceived as a failure. If a prior inspection fails and is in error state, when a new introspection is requested, the state is now appropriately set to starting.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes database migrations with SQLAlchemy 1.3.20.


New Features

  • Adds an accelerators plugin to identify acclerator devices and update the bare metal node for future scheduling. The accelerator devices will be saved to node properties under the key accelerators. Introduces a configuration option [accelerators]known_devices to specify a configuration file which contains required information to identify accelerator devices, by default it uses the in-tree configuration file named known_accelerators.yaml.

  • The dnsmasq pxe-filter now supports mapping between host InfiniBand MAC to EthernetOverInfiniBand MAC. (This was previously only supported by the iptables pxe-filter.)

  • By default the DHCP filtering will open the DHCP server for any node when introspection is active. It will only block DHCP for enrolled nodes that are not being introspected. Doing so is required to support interface discovery (which by default will enroll the pxe port to ironic if not present). This behaviour is not always wanted, as nodes not managed by ironic may boot the inspection image.

    A new option was added [pxe_filter]deny_unknown_macs which allow changeing this behaviour so that the DHCP server only allow enrolled nodes being introspected and deny everything else.


    If this option is True, nodes must have at least one enrolled port prior to introspection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the node identification logic to enable a user to list the redfish_address label for driver_info field values for identification of a machine using the [DEFAULT]ipmi_address_fields configuration option. Previously the host would just not be matched as the full URL would be evaluated instead of what the URL may resolve to.