Rocky Series (8.0.0 - 8.0.x) Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue while mapping port InfiniBand MAC address to EthernetOverInfiniBand MAC. Prior to this fix, it will fail to map and raise an exception.


Security Issues

  • Fixes insufficient input filtering when looking up a node by information from the introspection data. It could potentially allow SQL injections via the /v1/continue API endpoint. See story 2005678 for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix starting inspection of node having IPv6 BMC address. Inspection could not be initiated because v6 address was being considered as a hostname. Thus resolving incorrect hostname ended up with blocking error.


Bug Fixes

  • Allows the set-attribute introspection rule action to accept None as value for a property.


Bug Fixes

  • A new rootwrap filter is now included to allow control of the systemd dnsmasq service used by ironic-inspector. This fixes a permission issue when systemctl commands are used as dnsmasq_start_command and dnsmasq_stop_command in the configuration for the dnsmasq pxe filter. See bug 2002818.


    The filter uses the systemd service name used by the RDO distrubution (openstack-ironic-inspector-dnsmasq.service).

  • Fixes issue that can result in introspection failure when a network switch sends incomplete information for LLDP switch_id or port_id. The validation expects these fields when a port is updated, this fix now handles the validation exception.


New Features

  • Adds new parameter manage_boot to the introspection API to allow disabling boot management (setting the boot device and rebooting) for a specific node. If it is set to False, the boot is supposed to be managed by a 3rd party.

    If the new option can_manage_boot is set to False (the default is True), then ``manage_boot must be explicitly set to False.

  • Modifies introspection rules to allow formatting to be applied to strings nested in dicts and lists in the actions.

Upgrade Notes

  • Updates the default Ironic API version to 1.38.

    This version is used by default within the Bare Metal Inspection service when communicating with the Bare Metal API. It is the default used by processing plugins, which may override the version, and by introspection rules, which may not override the version.

    1.38 was the API version at the time of the most recent Queens series Bare Metal service release (10.1.0).

    See story 2002166.

Bug Fixes

  • The dnsmasq PXE filter no longer whitelists the MAC addresses of ports deleted from the Bare Metal service. Instead they are blacklisted unless introspection is active or the node_not_found_hook is set in the configuration. This ensures that no previously enrolled node accidentally boot the inspection image when no node introspection is active. Bug #2001979.

  • Stops introspection when setting boot device is failed, as the node is not guarenteed to perform a PXE boot in this case.

Other Notes

  • The deprecated configuration option [iptables]manage_firewall was removed, use [pxe_filter]driver to set filtering driver.