Train Series Release Notes



The Train release of Ironic Inspector features support for running separate API and conductor services.

New Features

  • Allows splitting the ironic-inspector service into ironic-inspector-api and ironic-inspector-conductor which coordinate via tooz and its underlying backend. A new configuration option [DEFAULT]standalone is introduced to enable this feature. The configuration defaults to True, and ironic-inspector runs as a single service, which is compatible with the old behavior. When set to False, ironic-inspector-api-wsgi is used to start the API service, and ironic-inspector-conductor is used to start the conductor service. For ironic-inspector running in non-standalone mode, the user needs to set the new configuration option [coordination]backend_url, which specifies the backend used for coordination.

Upgrade Notes

  • Updates the default Ironic API version to 1.56, which is the most recent version in the Stein series Bare Metal release (12.1.0).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes introspection of active nodes that are not in the lookup cache, see story 2006233.


New Features

  • Adds the capability for introspection data to be posted to the API when a baremetal node is in active or rescue states. This feature may be useful for data center operators who wish to update introspection data periodically.

    To enable this feature, set [processing]permit_active_introspection to True. When this is set, the value of [processing]power_off is overridden for nodes in active or rescue states.

  • Adds support to enroll node with IPv6 BMC address. Introduces a configuration option [discovery]enabled_bmc_address_version to specify the order of preferred IP version of the BMC address.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated options from the ironic section os_region, auth_strategy, ironic_url, os_service_type and os_endpoint_type have been removed. Please use keystoneauth options instead.

  • The deprecation configuration options os_service_type, os_region and os_endpoint_type from the [swift] section have been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The configuration option [swift]max_retries is deprecated. It has been doing nothing for a few releases already.

Bug Fixes

  • No longer fails introspection if memory or CPU information is not provided in the inventory. These are no longer required for scheduling, introspection should not require them either.


New Features

  • A new option enable_mdns allows to enable publishing the baremetal introspection API endpoint via mDNS as specified in the API SIG guideline.

  • Adds support to reapply with provided unprocessed introspection data. The introspection data is supplied in the body of POST request to /v1/introspection/<node_id>/data/unprocessed. The introspection data will also be saved to storage backend.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated SSL configuration options [DEFAULT]ssl_cert_path and [DEFAULT]ssl_key_path were removed, please use configuration options from [ssl] section.

  • The deprecated configuration option [processing]store_data_location was removed.

Security Issues

  • Fixes insufficient input filtering when looking up a node by information from the introspection data. It could potentially allow SQL injections via the /v1/continue API endpoint. See story 2005678 for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue when extra_hardware plugin failed to save extra hardware information to Swift, the collected information is not processed and consumed.

  • Fixes an issue while mapping port InfiniBand MAC address to EthernetOverInfiniBand MAC. Prior to this fix, it will fail to map and raise an exception.