Zed (10.11.0 - 11.1.x) Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where inspection would fail if an IPv6 address wrapped in brackets is used for the redfish BMC address. See bug: 2036455.


New Features

  • Follow the same process for determining root device as Ironic Python Agent which has been changed to accommodate for the feature enabling users to specify a list of devices that should be skipped during cleaning/deployment The field skip_block_devices is one of the properties of a node


New Features

  • Supports listening on a Unix socket instead of a normal TCP socket. This is useful with an HTTP server such as nginx in proxy mode.


Known Issues

  • The response headers for empty body HTTP 204 replies, at present, violate RFC7230. This was not intentional, but underlying libraries also make inappropriate changes to the headers, which can cause clients to experience odd failures. This is anticipated to be corrected once an underlying issue in eventlet is resolved.

Upgrade Notes

  • The rootwrap rule to allow restarting the systemd service openstack-ironic-inspector-dnsmasq.service has been removed. No known tooling requires this rule since before Train. Any configuration tool which is setting [dnsmasq_pxe_filter]dnsmasq_start_command also needs to be writing an appropriate rootwrap.d file, as the inspector devstack plugin does.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes HTTP responses so the Eventlet library, which is used to support the operation of the WSGI application, does not incorrectly inject a Transfer-Encoding header into the HTTP response, even on HTTP 204 replies, which is a violation of RFC7230. This header ultimately can cause varying client reactions which are not expected and can raise exceptions. For now, this has been remedied via an explicit return of a Content-Length header, which is also an RFC7230 violation, but it appears to be the lesser of known evils at this time.


New Features

  • Adds support for filter by state in the list introspection API. See story 1625183.

    • GET /v1/introspection?state=starting,...