2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Increments the maximum API version to 1.83 which allows the Node field parent_node to become visible.

  • Adds client support to allow users to get, set, and update the parent_node field on a bare metal node.

  • Adds support for the Firmware Interface feature.

    Command to list firmware components of a node:

    • openstack baremetal node firmware list <node_ident>

    The firmware_interface can be specified in the commands below:

    • openstack baremetal node create

    • openstack baremetal node show

    • openstack baremetal node set

    • openstack baremetal node unset

    • openstack baremetal driver list

    • openstack baremetal driver show

  • The maximum API version has been updated to 1.85 which allows the unhold provision state verb to be sent to Ironic.


New Features

  • Adds support for API version 1.81, allowing users to retrieve a node’s hardware inventory using the baremetal node inventory [--file <filename>] save <node> command.

  • Adds a get_inventory method to the python client library. This method allows operators to query recorded node inventory from an ironic API.

  • Add support for Node shard field.

  • Add support for listing nodes by one or more shards.

  • Add support for filtering nodes by if they are sharded.


New Features

  • The --config-drive argument to the node deploy CLI command, as well as the underlying configdrive argument to the set_provision_state call now accept a JSON file with a dictionary.

  • Most of the node action commands now support providing several nodes. The nodes are processed sequentially, the process is stopped on first failure.

  • The wait_for_provision_state Python call now supports several nodes.