Xena Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Embedded configuration drive generation support has been updated to support mkisofs and xorrisofs in adition to the previously supported genisoimage utility. This is as distributions such as Debian and OpenSUSE do not ship genisoimage.


New Features

  • Adds new params to the baremetal node bios setting list command to include support for the BIOS registry. The --long option will retrieve and display the additonal BIOS registry fields, the --fields option will retrieve and display selected fields. The baremetal node bios setting show includes these fields by default with no changes.

  • Adds support to display node fields boot_mode and secure_boot which are introduced in API 1.75.

  • Adds support for changing node states boot_mode and secure_boot in sync with functionality introduced in API 1.76.


Bug Fixes

  • The --debug option now works correctly with the built-in baremetal command line tool.

  • Fixes using network_data with the --fields parameter.