Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Allows all provision states for OSC node list command with –provision-state argument


Bug Fixes

  • Bump the last known API version to 1.29 in OSC. This version is required for users to be able to use the “inject nmi” command.


New Features

  • Supports creation of port groups via ironic create and openstack baremetal create commands.

  • Add a new command “ironic node-inject-nmi” to support the injection of Non-Masking Interrupts (NMI).

  • For OSC commands, the –os-baremetal-api-version optional argument (or OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION environment variable) can have the value ‘latest’. If set to ‘latest’, the latest API version known by client will be used in requests to the Bare Metal service.

  • Add a new OSC command for the injection of Non-Masking Interrupts (NMI), “openstack baremetal node inject nmi”.

  • For OSC, adds ability to get list of nodes that are not in maintenance mode via the –no-maintenance optional argument to the openstack baremetal node list command.

  • Adds an option --unassociated to the openstack baremetal node list command. It provides the ability to get a list of the nodes that are not associated with instances.

  • Adds an option --wait [<time-out>] to all of the OSC provisioning commands, except for abort which is not supported. When specified, provisioning commands will wait for the node to reach the desired state before returning. An optional argument, time-out, can be specified which will end the waiting after the specified amount of time (in seconds). The default value for this timeout is 0, which means it will wait indefinitely.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with OpenStackClient plugin not being able to work with versioned ironic endpoints.


New Features

  • Adds ability to set custom VIF information fields via the –vif-info <key=value> option in the ironic node-vif-attach and openstack baremetal node vif attach commands.

  • Enhances OSC to support soft reboot and soft power off with power control timeout option.

  • Add optional arguments ‘–soft’ and ‘–power-timeout’ to the command “node-set-power-state”.


New Features

  • Add possibility to remove chassis_uuid for node by adding ‘–chassis-uuid’ argument to ‘openstack baremetal node unset’ command.

  • Mode and properties fields were added to the portgroup object, along with respective arguments for the ironic CLI and the OpenStackClient plugin, they are available starting with ironic API microversion 1.26.

  • Extends the Ironic CLI with new commands:

    • ironic portgroup-create

    • ironic portgroup-show

    • ironic portgroup-list

    • ironic portgroup-delete

    • ironic portgroup-update

    • ironic portgroup-port-list

    Also extends ironic port-create with –portgroup. Portgroup support was added in Ironic API version 1.24.

  • Adds support for attaching and detaching VIFs. This is available starting with ironic API microversion 1.28.

    The new commands are:

    • ironic node-vif-list <node>

    • ironic node-vif-attach <node> <vif-id>

    • ironic node-vif-detach <node> <vif-id>

    • openstack baremetal node vif list <node>

    • openstack baremetal node vif attach <node> <vif-id>

    • openstack baremetal node vif detach <node> <vif-id>

  • The chassis of a node can be set via the new –chassis-uuid optional argument for openstack baremetal node set.

  • Extend the OpenStackClient plugin with new commands:

    • openstack baremetal port group create

    • openstack baremetal port group show

    • openstack baremetal port group list

    • openstack baremetal port group delete

    • openstack baremetal port group set

    • openstack baremetal port group unset

    Extends the ‘openstack baremetal port’ commands (where applicable) to allow specifying the port group (if any) that a port is a member of, via the new –port-group argument.

Bug Fixes

  • Where applicable, help for commands will output the required arguments in a separate section from the optional arguments. For example, the commands ironic help node-create and ironic help port-create.


Upgrade Notes

  • Hide nodes field in ‘chasiss create’ and ‘chassis show’ OSC subcommand output because this field is not meant for CLI users.

  • Hide ports field in ‘node create’ and ‘node show’ OSC subcommand output because this field is not meant for CLI users.

Bug Fixes

  • If a node does not have chassis_uuid field in the API response, it is added to the output of the node commands as an empty string.

  • Fixes an issue in a python 3 environment, where TypeError exceptions were being raised (due to the “requests” library returning bytes instead of a string).

  • Fixes ‘ironic create <file>’ command so that it handles the file argument(s) correctly.

  • For node resources that had no boot devices, no supported boot devices, or no passthru methods (and driver resources with no properties or no passthru methods), issuing a request to get that information (for example, ‘ironic driver-get-vendor-passthru-methods fake’) would result in the error “‘NoneType’ has no attribute ‘to_dict’”. This is fixed; an empty list is now returned.

  • Fixes the OpenStackClient plugin so that it uses the same default API version as the Ironic CLI (1.9 instead of 1.6).

  • Fixes the OpenStackClient plugin so that microversions 1.21 and 1.22 are supported.