Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The --debug option now works correctly with the built-in baremetal command line tool.

  • Fixes using network_data with the --fields parameter.


New Features

  • Methods of all Manager objects now support passing global_request_id argument, which is passed to ironic API in the header of an HTTP request. Also it is now possible to instantiate IronicClient object passing global_request_id and additional_headers, which will be passed to all requests this client object will be doing. global_request_id passed to the method of the Manager object will override the global_request_id specified through IronicClient constructor.

  • Updates the node vif attach API action to accept an optional port_uuid parameter. If specified, then Ironic will attempt to attach to the specified port.


New Features

  • Adds support for adding static network configuration to ports and portgroups by adding network-data attribute to port/portgroup commands.

Upgrade Notes

  • The Python API used to accepts byte arrays and other non-serializable in JSON data types in a few places where strings are required. This is no longer supported, an attempt to do it will result in an exception.