Wallaby Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The --debug option now works correctly with the built-in baremetal command line tool.

  • Fixes using network_data with the --fields parameter.


New Features

  • Adds support for providing optional deploy steps when deploying or rebuilding; available with ironic-api-version 1.69 or higher. Baremetal CLI is baremetal node <provision-state> <node> --deploy-steps <deploy-steps> where <provision-state> is ‘deploy’ or ‘rebuild’ and <deploy-steps> are deploy steps in JSON format. May be path to a file containing deploy steps; OR ‘-’, with the deploy steps being read from standard input; OR a string. The value should be a list of deploy-step dictionaries; each dictionary should have keys ‘interface’, ‘step’ and ‘priority’, and optional key ‘args’. When overlapping, these steps override deploy template and driver steps. For more information see Deploy Steps in Node Deployment documentation.

  • YAML files are now supported for the --network-data, --deploy-steps, --clean-steps and --target-raid-config arguments, as well as for the --steps argument of deploy template commands.


New Features

  • Following a similar change to ironic, it is now possible to set the node’s automated_clean to False using the new --no-automated-clean argument to baremetal node set.