Train Series (2.8.0 - 3.1.x) Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • An implicit dependency on oslo.config is now explicit.

Bug Fixes

  • Removes the requirement on passing either endpoint_override or os_ironic_api_version to get_client. This is only required for efficient caching of API versions and shouldn’t be a hard requirement.

  • openstack baremetal node list --owner was returning an error instead of a list of nodes for the specified owner. It has been fixed.

    See story 2006563 for details.

  • Fixes a confusing error message when a session is not provided for ironicclient.v1.client.Client.

  • With the removal of the HTTPClient class in the release 3.0.0, it is now mandatory to pass a session into ironicclient.v1.client.Client. The helper call ironicclient.client.get_client can also be used to construct a session implicitly.

  • Fixes TypeError when the bare metal endpoint cannot be detected from a session. A proper EndpointNotFound exception is raised now.

  • Fixes using endpoint_override with the SessionClient.


Upgrade Notes

  • Removes deprecated argument endpoint from the v1.client.Client constructor. Please use the standard keystoneauth argument name endpoint_override instead.

  • Removes deprecated common.http.HTTPClient class. The common.http.SessionClient class should be used instead.

  • Removing deprecated keystone arguments in favor of standardized argument naming.

  • The long deprecated ironic command has been removed. The openstack baremetal command must now be used. Please update any scripts that you may be using with ironic.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where automatic pagination was broken when ironic is deployed at a subpath (e.g. http://localhost/ironic).


New Features

  • Adds the --node argument to baremetal allocation create to support allocation backfilling.

  • Adds support for the allocation update API introduced in API version 1.57. Adds new commands:

    • openstack baremetal allocation set

    • openstack baremetal allocation unset

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent trying to access endpoints with /v1/v1 when using endpoint overrides containing /v1.