Mitaka Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue when SessionClient ignores endpoint_override while doing session requests, which leads to undeterministic results in multi-region deployments.


New Features

  • Added a possibility to pass os_auth_token instead of os_username and os_password to authenticate in keystone both in CLI and in get_client function.

  • Add support for filtering nodes using the same driver in list command.

  • Adds support for manual cleaning API; available with ironic-api-version 1.15 or higher. The ironic CLI is “ironic node-set-provision-state –clean-steps <clean-steps> <node> <provision-state>” where <provision-state> is ‘clean’ and <clean-steps> is the clean steps in JSON format. May be the path to a file containing the clean steps; OR ‘-’, with the clean steps being read from standard input; OR a string. The value should be a list of clean-step dictionaries; each dictionary should have keys ‘interface’ and ‘step’, and optional key ‘args’.

  • Adds support for RAID configuration:

    • Ability to set target_raid_config for a node using node-set-target-raid-config.

    • Displays target_raid_config and raid_config in node-show.

    • Displays logical disk properties for a driver using driver-raid-logical-disk-properties.

    API version 1.15 should be used with these features, as RAID configuration was added in 1.12 and manual cleaning (used to trigger RAID configuration) was added in 1.15.

  • Switch HTTP client to requests lib. It allows client to work with API behind the proxy, configure proxies by setting the environment variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY.

Bug Fixes

  • when deleting multiple nodes, continue with deletes even if one fails.

  • Fixes an issue where deleting nodes ignore failures and just prints the results which nodes are deleted and which are failed, always returning exit code of 0. This now will return a non-zero exit code if at least one node-delete fails.

Other Notes

  • Log the SHA1 hash of X-Auth-Token value prefixed by ‘{SHA}’.


New Features

  • Add support to the openstackclient plugin for all Ironic API versions of the form 1.x, up to the latest known minor version. The regular Ironic CLI already supports all known versions.

Other Notes

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.