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This section contains information necessary to contributing to OpenStack documentation.

Dokumentation in Projekt Repositories

All project documentation must follow the same directory structure, which is described on the Project Guide Setup page.

The documentation directory structure is the following:

└── source
    ├── admin
    ├── cli
    ├── configuration
    ├── contributor
    ├── install
    ├── reference
    └── user


The installation guide can be found in the install directory. It contains information on anything to do with installing a project from packages, for instance, software necessary for installing the project, like database installation and configuration, or what parameters should be set in the project’s config file. If everything is configured properly (described below), the project’s installation guide is included in the OpenStack Installation Guides. The installation guide is not intended to be used for production system installations.


The contributor guide can be found in the contributor directory. It contains project-specific information on contributing to the project and on team management. This guide appears only in the project’s documentation.


The configuration directory contains configuration reference information that is either automatically generated (if the project uses oslo.config) or manually written (if oslo.config is not used). For more information, see Sphinx Integration.


The cli directory contains command line tool reference documentation which can be automatically generated with cliff’s sphinx integration, or manually written when auto-generation is not possible. For more information, see cliff Sphinx Integration.

Administrator Guide

The admin guide can be found in the admin directory. It contains information on the configuration and operation of the software. The project’s administrator guide is included in the OpenStack Administrator Guides.


The user directory contains information targeted at end-users, for instance, concept guides, tutorials, step-by-step instructions for using the CLI or the project’s API, and such.


The reference directory contains reference information not included in the other directories, for instance, automatically generated class documentation in library projects.

Dokumentation in Projekt Repositories veröffentlichen

For the project documents to be linked to on the OpenStack documentation portal, the www/project-data/latest.yaml file in the openstack-manuals repository has to be updated, following the rules of the template generator.

  1. Find your project in the file.

  2. Set to ‚true‘ all document options that apply. For example:

    has_install_guide: true
    has_api_ref: true
    has_admin_guide: true
    has_config_ref: true
    has_user_guide: true

If the above structure exists in the project repository and the latest.yaml file is updated, the publish-openstack-sphinx-docs job in the project-config repo automatically includes the document in the published documentation. For detailed instructions, see the Project guide setup.