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Reporting translation bugs

This page describes how end users can report translation bugs.

Finding and reporting translation bugs is an important step towards better quality of translations in OpenStack.

When you are using OpenStack (including the dashboard, API or CLI) or are reading translated documentations, if you find something wrong, something you cannot understand, something you cannot agree, or something to be improved, please consider reporting it.

Where can I report a bug?

OpenStack I18n team uses Launchpad for the bug tracking.

Translation bugs in all languages can be reported here.

How can I report a bug?

If you visit openstack-i18n launchpad, we can find Report a bug at the right-upper corner. Click to report a bug.

You can report a bug in your language (or English).

It is highly recommended to include the following information.

  • Where you find a bug you are reporting?

    • For documentations, URL and a detail place would be great.

    • For the dashboard, panel or form name.

  • What is wrong? What should be improved?

  • Make sure to include your English language name in a bug summary. It is also suggested to write a bug summary in English. For example:

    [japanese] Dashboard action in the Instance table is not translated
  • (optional) Put your language name as bug tag.

Who can help you?

Everyone in the OpenStack community is glad to help you.