2023.1 Series Release Notes



The 9.0.0 release includes many new features and bug fixes. Please be sure to read the upgrade section which describes the required actions to upgrade your cloud from 8.0.0 (Zed) to 9.0.0 (2023.1).

  • Support fallbackBestEffort in a grant request and re-selection for placement constraints or no availability zones usecases.

  • AutoHeal and AutoScale triggered by external monitoring tools such as Prometheus without NFVO.

  • OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Support for authentication of external servers.

  • Multi DBs backend support for PostgreSQL.

  • CNF auto scale via performance management threshold interface.

  • Update network configuration via Change Current VNF Package API.

New Features

  • [blueprint support-oauth2-mtls] Provide the option to use mutual TLS client authentication when accessing external servers from Tacker. OAuth2MtlsAuthHandle has been added to support Mutual-TLS client authentication for access from Tacker to external NFVO servers and notification endpoints using user-provided Mutual-TLS client certificates.

  • This patch adds the ability to periodically synchronize resources in K8s VIM and Tacker DB. There is no interface on the K8s to notify Tacker when the auto-scale or auto-heal of a pod is running and the pod information is updated. This can lead to inconsistencies between the Pod information in Tacker database and the Pod information running on the actual K8s. This function periodically checks the pod information in the Tacker database and the pod information in the K8s, and updates the information in the Tacker database according to the K8s side if there is any inconsistency.

  • Adding the VNF version upgrading function to the tacker-db-manage command, which enables users to upgrade VNFs from v1 to v2 without re-instantiating it.

  • Added the ability to verify the certificate of the target server for Tacker to communicate over https to the NFVO, heat, and notification servers.

  • Enhance the existing Tacker policy function so that users can obtain more fine-grained access control based on user roles and VNF information for API resources.

  • Add fallbackBestEffort parameter and availability zone reselection to enhance the placement functionality and the applicability of Tacker to various systems. It supports only when StandardUserData is used as the UserData class. And the target operations are “instantiate”, “scale out” and “heal” of v2 API.

  • In Prometheus Plugin, two new interfaces are added to implement AutoHeal and AutoScale for VNF and CNF. As a VNFM, Tacker can decide whether to perform heal and scale operations through the received alarms sent by External Monitoring Tools, without NFVO. Added new user guide to help users understand the function.

  • Add the Performance Management Threshold interfaces and CLI to support AutoScale. The Performance Management Threshold interfaces are based on ETSI NFV-SOL 003 v3.3.1, on which v2 VNF LCM API of Tacker is based. Add the Prometheus Plugin that has an interface between Tacker and the External Monitoring Tool. Prometheus Plugin supports data model conversion from Prometheus format data to SOL based PM Threshold schema, and vice versa.

  • Support the client function of the VNF LCM Coordination API in the Coordinate VNF script when performing the RollingUpdate with external management systems in the ChangeCurrentVNFPackage API. The sample script implements only the client function, not formal support for the VNF LCM Coordination API itself.

  • Support Change Current VNF Package API to add and delete external Connection Point (CP). Support extManagedVirtualLinks attribute in ChangeCurrentVnfPkgRequest to change external management networks. These support only when using StandardUserData as the UserData class.

  • The Ansible driver can only run specific script files. Due to multi artifact support of mgmt driver, it will be extended to specify script files to be executed in each life cycle. This will be achieved by implementing primary and dependencies keys defined by TOSCA, primary can define the primary script, dependencies can define a secondary script that will be referenced by the primary script.

  • VNF package management APIs in multiple conductors environment are supported that includes Upload VNF Package from content, Upload VNF Package from uri and Delete VNF Package.

  • Support Tacker and tacker-db-manage for Multi DB backend, especially PostgreSQL. Use PostgreSQL as Tacker database via Devstack for Tacker Installation.

Deprecation Notes

  • Legacy APIs excluding VIM feature are deprecated and will be removed in the first major release after the Tacker server version 9.0.0 (2023.1 Antelope release).

  • From 2023.1 release, dependency on Mistral has been removed from Tacker entirely. This change removed: i) VIM monitoring; and ii) Mistral workflow in NS API. Due to the deletion of the VIM monitoring, the status field has been removed from the VIM table and VIM status in the response will be filled by a dummy value. This field will be completely removed in the next release