Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add allowed_address_pairs support in CP’s properties, so Virtual IP is enabled via Tacker.

  • Add support to attach cinder volumes to the VNF. We can create cinder volumes through new syntax in TOSCA VNFD template and we can attach it to VNFs.

  • Support to create directly VNFFG and NS from its descriptor template without creating VNFFGD and NSD.

  • Introduce barbican to save the fernet key of vim auth. Need to configure [vim_keys] use_barbican = True to enable this feature.

  • Vim’s default shared property is changed to False. Vim can only be invoked by user who creates it.

  • The component tacker-conductor is introduced for tacker mistral actions to execute policy actions on tacker side. The conductor is listening on TACKER_CONDUCTOR queue ( in the rabbitmq terms). Mistral actions RPC calls the conductor.

  • Vim monitoring via mistral workflow is used to replace old in-place vim monitoring in tacker server. Mistral is an integral part of tacker MANO system. To make full use of it, and make the tacker server scale well, the feature creates a mistral workflow and execute it. The mistral workflow action task then monitors ( currently, pings) the vim, and notifies the tacker conductor to update the VIM status.

Other Notes

  • Only attaching volumes to the VNFs is supported. Boot from volume is not supported