Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added new RESTful APIs for managing VNF packages required for managing the lifecycle of a VNF. See the spec for more details.


    VNF create API can create a VNF using a VNFD registered by VNFD create API only. VNF creation and instantiation using VNF package will be made available in future release.

  • Adds ‘–force’ parameter to VNF and NS delete command, to delete VNF and network service instances forcefully. This is admin only operation to clean instances which stuck in abnormal state.

Bug Fixes

  • Earlier when Tacker service restarted, it failed to resume monitoring for VNFs.This issue is fixed and Tacker will resume monitoring for VNFs.

  • Fixed Kubernetes ‘ssl_ca_cert’ value error.

  • Allow non-admin’s VIM accessible for admin

  • Fixed conflicting networking issue, When tacker install with Kubernetes VIM option.

  • Improve returned message of nsd-create: When creating nsd with non-existent vnfd in tosca template, it will return with NotFound error message instead of internal error. Improve returned message of create_vnffg: When create a vnffg with a missing network_src_port_id in vnffgd, instead of giving internal error it will return with FlowClassifierPortNotFound error message.

  • Starting from Ocata tacker payloads only accept YAML dict for config and param payload values. Hence remove the deprecation warning when something other than YAML dict is received by the API.

Other Notes

  • Tacker start using kestone v3 api only.

  • Multiple Test case addition, cleanup unused tests, and enabled skipped test cases. We still have multiple test cases to refactor.