Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Currently, when a VNFFG is created, Tacker create new port-pairs, port-pair-groups, port-chains and flow-classifiers. This patch will let a new VNFFG use existing port-pair-group if it already existed. User can create several VNFFGs that can go through a VNF.

  • This feature adds ‘symmetrical’ as a property of forwarding path, so users can set ‘symmetrical’ value to ‘true’ or ‘false’ to change the symmetrical value of a port chain in networking-sfc.

  • Support creating VNFFG without flow-classifier

  • Add dnsmasq and qos support for OpenWRT VNFM mgmt driver.

  • This patch will add VNFFG support for NS. In NSD, users can describe VNFDs and nested VNFFGD inside. When NS is created, VNFs and VNFFG are also created.

  • Support shared vim for policy action execution

  • Added placement policy support. Operator can specify below placement policies in addition to affinity to VDU’s:

    • anti-affinity

    • soft-affinity

    • soft-anti-affinity

    Note: There is a known issue in nova that late anti-affinity check doesn’t work in multi-cells environment. So it is highly recommended to deploy nova in single cell environment until this issue is resolved in multi-cells environment.

Upgrade Notes

  • Change cirros image from 0.3.5 to 0.4.0.

  • Because this version uses the tacker service tenant to manage the fernet key, please remove the registered VIM before upgrading this version. The upgrade steps are as follows. 1.Delete the registered VIM. If there is a VNF instance on the VIM, you need to delete the VNF instance first. 2.Upgrade with this version. 3.Register the deleted VIM.

Bug Fixes

  • Correct error handling for PENDING_DELETE VNFs.

  • Check the validation of mgmt_driver before creating the VNF.

  • Fix doc-migration for tacker.

  • Get right VNFFGD name and description from TOSCA template if not given via API, and move the description key position in vnffgd template to above topology_template.

  • Change the unusable link in Gerrit Dashboards.

  • Customized OpenWRT image fixs the OpenWRT-based VNFs that keep re-spawning because Tacker cannot ping to these VNFs.

  • Removes usage of deprecated Ceilometer API: 1. Change trigger type from “OS::Ceilometer::Alarm” to “OS::Aodh::GnocchiAggregationByResourcesAlarm” 2. Add “resource_type” fixed with value “instance” 3. Change some paramters (meter_name-> metric, statistic -> aggregation_method, period-> granularity) 4. Change value from “average” to “mean” in method to compare to the threshold