Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • This patch adds the ability to periodically synchronize resources in K8s VIM and Tacker DB. There is no interface on the K8s to notify Tacker when the auto-scale or auto-heal of a pod is running and the pod information is updated. This can lead to inconsistencies between the Pod information in Tacker database and the Pod information running on the actual K8s. This function periodically checks the pod information in the Tacker database and the pod information in the K8s, and updates the information in the Tacker database according to the K8s side if there is any inconsistency.

  • Adding the VNF version upgrading function to the tacker-db-manage command, which enables users to upgrade VNFs from v1 to v2 without re-instantiating it.

  • The Ansible driver can only run specific script files. Due to multi artifact support of mgmt driver, it will be extended to specify script files to be executed in each life cycle. This will be achieved by implementing primary and dependencies keys defined by TOSCA, primary can define the primary script, dependencies can define a secondary script that will be referenced by the primary script.