Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added parameter support for deploying VNF Forwarding Graph Descriptor templates. With this addition the user can deploy a VNFFG using an Onboarded parameterized template with different parameter values using parameter yaml file at each time without onboarding new template.

  • Add support to pass shell script to install VNF components in the tosca template

  • Support VNF create with direct VNFD template input via CLI/API without onboarding VNFD.

Other Notes

  • Only one VNFC is supported for one VDU. Multiple VNFC per VDU will be introduced in future.

  • The shell script for vnfc has to be placed in the machine where tacker server is running


New Features

  • Add Guru Meditation support. Command “kill -s SIGUSR2 <tacker-server-pid>” will make tacker server emit running configuration.

  • Add mac_address support in CP’s properties.

Upgrade Notes

  • From Mitaka version, Tacker supports TOSCA based VNFD templates. Legacy templates described under tacker/samples/legacy-templates are deprecated in newton and removed in Ocata.