2023.2 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support Terraform infra-driver. Using Terraform as a backend tool enables Tacker to create virtual resources on several platforms that Terraform has already supported, such as AWS.

  • Support Tacker service to obtain an OAuth 2.0 access token from an external authorization server, and then use the access token to access related OpenStack services that uses the external_oauth2_token filter provided by the keystone middleware for permission authentication.

  • Enhance the existing Tacker policy function so that users can obtain more fine-grained access control based on user roles and VNF information for API resources.

  • Add the Performance Management Threshold interfaces and CLI to support AutoScale. The Performance Management Threshold interfaces are based on ETSI NFV-SOL 003 v3.3.1, on which v2 VNF LCM API of Tacker is based. Add the Prometheus Plugin that has an interface between Tacker and the External Monitoring Tool. Prometheus Plugin supports data model conversion from Prometheus format data to SOL based PM Threshold schema, and vice versa.

  • We provide a sample of MgmtDriver for the Update VNF in the V2 API, which can update the configuration of ConfigMap and Secret in Kubernetes and update the image parameters in the Pod, Deployment, ReplicaSet and DaemonSet manifests.

  • Supports the Tacker service for encrypting credentials such as Password used to log in to vim and subscription servers. Users can choose between two ways to manage encryption keys by config, whether they are stored as local files or in Barbican.

  • VNF package management APIs in multiple conductors environment are supported that includes Upload VNF Package from content, Upload VNF Package from uri and Delete VNF Package.

  • Support error handling for LCM using MgmtDriver in V2 API. We added the user_script_err_handling_data variable to hold the data that needs to be preserved when the LCM fails.

    At the same time, we updated the MgmtDriver of the FaultNotification function to support error handling.

Deprecation Notes

  • From 2023.1 release, dependency on Mistral has been removed from Tacker entirely. This change removed: i) VIM monitoring; and ii) Mistral workflow in NS API. Due to the deletion of the VIM monitoring, the status field has been removed from the VIM table and VIM status in the response will be filled by a dummy value. This field will be completely removed in the next release