Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1879436. Users who build VNF packages can specify software image properties like min_disk, min_ram and size in different units as mentioned in section of TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML Version 1.2 template. These property values are converted from various units to byte unit and returned in GET /vnfpkgm/v1/vnf_packages/{vnf_package_id} API response.


    For old vnf packages, the software image properties are not converted into byte unit.



This release contains the new features based on ETSI NFV specifications. The REST API and data models in ETSI NFV-SOL documents are added: ETSI NFV-SOL003 v2.6.1 VNF Lifecycle Management * Scale VNF * Update VNF * Rollback VNF ETSI NFV-SOL005 v2.6.1 * Fetch VNF Package Artifacts Also, the support for Kubernetes VIM is extended to use ETSI NFV-SOL based operations. The major version of resources such as Deployment, DaemonSet, StatefulSet, and ReplicaSet can be deployed as VNF with Instantiate VNF operation.

New Features

  • Add new RESTful APIs for Scale VNF, Update VNF, and Rollback VNF operation based on ETSI NFV specifications.

  • Add new RESTful APIs for subscriptions and notifications based on ETSI NFV specifications. The client can use these resource to subscribe to notifications related to VNF lifecycle management, and to query its subscriptions.

  • Set vnfPkgId to related APIs in order to expand a wide range of NFV related equipments. See the spec for more details.

  • Add following ETSI NFV SOL003 specification compliant operations to cooperate with 3rd-Party NFVOs as VNFM.

    • VNF package management interface to obtain VNF package information

    • Granting interface to allow the VNFM to request a grant for authorization of a VNF lifecycle operation.

  • Adds Container based VNF support with ESTI NFV-SOL003 v2.6.1 VNF Lifecycle Management. Users can create, instantiate, terminate, and delete VNF on Kubernetes VIM. The Kubernetes resource files are available as VNFD and uploaded as a part of VNF Package.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1850755 which adds short notation support for artifacts.