Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added support for security groups in TOSCA template for type tosca.nodes.nfv.CP.Tacker.

  • Added API to fetch VNF components details.

  • VNF Forwarding Graph support is available as an EXPERIMENTAL feature. TOSCA NFV Profile based Forwarding Graph Descriptor can be uploaded to VNF-FGD Catalog. VNF-FFGD template describes both Classifier and Forwarding Path across a collection of Connection Points described in VNFDs. Using the template VNF FFG can be instantiated using the default Neutron networking-sfc driver.

  • VNF auto-scaling and manual-scaling feature is added, to scale in/out the VDUs.

  • Introduce uniqueness constraint on the name of Tacker resources such as VNFD, VNF, VIM, etc.

Known Issues

  • Logical source port need to be specified VNF-FFGD flow classifier section. This is due to the current restriction in Neutron networking-sfc flow-classifier API restriction. This behavior will be resolved once the underlying neutron issue is fixed.

  • Auto-scaling feature is supported only with alarm monitors and it does not work with other monitors such as ping, http_ping.

  • When VNF is modelled with scaling requirement in VNFD, any config managment requirement in VNFD is not supported.

  • Scaling feature does not support to selectively choose the VDU as part of scaling.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deriving infra_driver and mgmt_drvier from VNFD API is deprecated and will be removed in Ocata.



Core configuration file is automatically generated.

New Features

  • Added support for key_name in TOSCA template for type tosca.nodes.nfv.VDU.Tacker.

  • Add VIM health monitor to Tacker

  • Default HTTP port for tacker is set to 9890.

  • Tacker no longer includes static example configuration file. Instead, use tools/ to generate it. The file is generated with a .sample extension under etc/tacker directory.

  • Made VNFD/VNF/VIM names mandatory in tacker.

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for legacy templates for creating a VNFD is deprecated and will be removed in ‘Newton’ cycle. Please use TOSCA based templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1603851, VIM registry should not use keystone information from tacker.conf. This fixed the VIM keystone v3 support.

Other Notes

  • Tacker workflow definition samples.