Wallaby バージョンのリリースノート



  • When multiple availability zones are available, the default behavior is to allow the scheduler to spawn a VM in any of them. The new setting LAUNCH_INSTANCE_DEFAULTS.default_availability_zone allows an administrator to specify a default static availability zone for new VM creation.


  • Previously, ToggleSuspend class checked os-rescue policy for resume operation. By this fix, the class checks 'os_compute_api:os-suspend-server:resume' policy to align to resume operation.



  • Get the timezone offset for the current day instead of January 1st. This bug only appears to be a cosmetic one where the TZ offset would be calculated on current_year/01/01 so would remain in daylight saving offset when displaying the timezones list in the user configuration settings.



  • OPENSTACK_HYPERVISOR_FEATURES で 'can_set_password' を True に設定すると、AngularJS のインスタンス起動のダイアログで管理者パスワードを設定するためのオプションが追加されます。

  • Horizon supports the registered default policies and operators now only need to define policies which they would like to override in policy files in POLICY_FILES setting. (Previously the policy files need to contain all defined policies including default policies.) The registered default policies are defined in files under DEFAULT_POLICY_FILES and they are synced with registered defaults of back-end services before the horizon release.

  • zh-cnzh-tw の中国語ロケールは、それぞれ zh-hanszh-hant に変わりました。これは、Horizon が依存しているフレームワークである Django の変更に従っています。 これらの言語は、中国と台湾以外でも使用されているので、言語と地域を切り離したロケールコードを使用するようになりました。

  • Volume backups is now supported for admin panel. Admin is now able to view all volume backups for differenet users.


  • Policies with the system scoped token (system_scope:all) are not supported in horizon yet. The horizon team recognizes it as an important feature gap and would like to support it in near future.


  • The format of the policy files under POLICY_FILES is changed to YAML and all contents of these files are commented out now. You only need to define policies which you would like to modify from the default. You can still use policy files with JSON format. If you continue to use JSON format, configure POLICY_FILES setting to point JSON files.

  • zh-cnzh-tw の中国語ロケールは、それぞれ zh-hanszh-hant に変わりました。設定で LANGUAGES を明示的に設定する場合には、必要ならば新しい中国語ロケールを使用するようにしてください。


  • The Django version of the launch instance form is deprecated now. Switch to the AngularJS version of the form by setting LAUNCH_INSTANCE_NG_ENABLED to True and LAUNCH_INSTANCE_LEGACY_ENABLED to False. The horizon team believes that feature gaps between Django and AngularJS implementations have been closed and we can drop the Django version. If you see any feature gap, please file a bug to horizon or contact the horizon team.



  • 非推奨となった OPENSTACK_NOVA_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST 設定の SimpleTenantUsage の代わりとして、 OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE という新しい設定が追加されました。この新しい設定は、使用状況で SimpleTenantUsage nova API を使用するかどうかを制御します。Horizon チームへのフィードバックによると、SimpleTenantUsage は、大規模なデプロイメントにおいて、nova API のパフォーマンス上の問題の原因となる場合があるとのことです。その場合には、この値を False に設定してみてください。


  • 非推奨の opensatck_dashboard/wsgi/django.wsgi が削除されました。 引き続き使用する場合には、``openstack_dashboard/wsgi.py``を使用するように設定を変更してください。

  • The legacy way to retrive neutron resource usages was dropped and horizon now assumes the quota_details neutron API extension implemented in Pike release (over three years ago), so we expect this is available in all Wallaby neutron deployments.

  • OPENSTACK_NOVA_EXTENSIONS_BLACKLIST setting is now dropped. If you specify SimpleTenantUsage in this setting, consider setting OPENSTACK_USE_SIMPLE_TENANT_USAGE to False instead. For other effective values in this setting, no replacement is provided as nova provides all features in recent versions of nova API. Note that you can enable/disable table actions via policy rules.

  • Password forms in horizon now does not strip leading/trailing spaces included in input passwords. Previously horizon stripped leading/trailing spaces in input passwords but on the other hand keystone accepts leading/trailing spaces and it can be an issue when such passwords are set via keystone API. To handle this situation horizon no longer strips leading/trailing spaces in passwords. See [bug:1861224] and the related mailing thread for more detail. (Note that this change is part of horizon 18.5.0 release but we forgot to mention it.)