Xena Series Release Notes



  • Previously, ToggleSuspend class checked os-rescue policy for resume operation. By this fix, the class checks 'os_compute_api:os-suspend-server:resume' policy to align to resume operation.



  • Django 3.2 support is added. As of Xena release, it is considered as experimental. Considering Django 2.2 EOL, Django 3.2 will be the default Django version in Yoga release.

  • Add "Create Network QoS Policy" button to QoS Policy Panel. From Horizon users can now create network qos policy.



  • When multiple availability zones are available, the default behavior is to allow the scheduler to spawn a VM in any of them. The new setting LAUNCH_INSTANCE_DEFAULTS.default_availability_zone allows an administrator to specify a default static availability zone for new VM creation.


  • With this release, Horizon uses only the Block Storage API v3. Horizon has been using the Block Storage API v3 by default since Queens, so this change should not impact Horizon functionality. (The Block Storage API v2 was deprecated by the Cinder project in the Pike release, and is scheduled to be removed in the Xena release.)


  • Get the timezone offset for the current day instead of January 1st. This bug only appears to be a cosmetic one where the TZ offset would be calculated on current_year/01/01 so would remain in daylight saving offset when displaying the timezones list in the user configuration settings.