2023.2 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The openstack share quota set command has been fixed to not set per_share_gigabytes unless the user has specified the parameter, and unless the user requests, and the server supports API version 2.62.

  • Share force delete command was sending two REST requests, first force delete and then delete. Fixed it by removing delete request. For more details, please refer to launchpad bug 2051737


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed default share type lookup associated with the “openstack share create” command. The lookup now resolves default share types correctly even on environments where the default type isn’t named “default”. See launchpad bug #2030686 for more details.



OpenStackClient is the preferred CLI client supported by this package. This CLI client has full feature parity to the legacy “manila” CLI client.

New Features

  • It is now possible to restrict the visibility of access rules’ sensitive fields, as well as lock the access rule deletion while allowing access to a share. A lock reason can also be provided.

  • It is now possible to filter access rules while listing them by its access_to, access_type, access_key and access_level.

  • Added count option in share snapshot’s list commands since 2.79.

  • Added SDK and OSC commands to create, view, update and delete resource locks, alongside support for API version 2.81.

  • Added support for share backup APIs in the SDK and the openstackclient plugin. You can use the openstack client to create a backup, restore a backup, delete a backup, list backups with filters, and update the name and description fields of a backup. Available from microversion 2.80.

Upgrade Notes

  • Usage of the “manila” CLI client is discouraged in favor of the “openstack” CLI. The “manila” CLI client will be removed in a future release.

Deprecation Notes

  • The “manila” CLI client is now deprecated. The python-manilaclient package provides an openstack CLI plugin. As a replacement, the “openstack” CLI must be used. No new features will be added to the “manila” CLI client. The “manilalient” SDK/python bindings are not affected by this deprecation.


New Features

  • Users are now able to set a default active directory site while creating security services by specifying ‘default_ad_site’. Refer Launchpad bug #1988146

  • Adds support to create share network subnet with properties and update the subnet properties with set and unset command (only with the OpenStackClient).

  • Support transferring shares between projects starting from API version 2.77.

Bug Fixes

  • The OpenStackClient plugin will now use most suitable version for openstack commmands client generation if user supplied version is above max version supported by server. For more details, please refer Launchpad bug #1960490

  • Fixed the use of the “–availability-zone” option with the “openstack share network create” command.