Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix share_group_type_create returning is_default as a function object instead of value

  • Launchpad bug 1814094 has been fixed and the client now correctly parses the base URL from manila’s endpoint url, accounting for proxy URLs.


New Features

  • Added support to create share access rule metadata, update existing share access rule metadata and delete share access rule metadata. Also added a new shell command to show details of a share access rule.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Manila pool-list –column reports nothing for capabilities, And also format the detail contents.

  • Allows the use of blank in user group name since the AD allow user group name to include blank.

  • The share type and share group type shell commands retrieve the ‘is_default’ value from the manila API where supported. This fix also addresses the blank ‘is_default’ field when creating share types and share group types.


New Features

  • Share types can now be filtered with its extra_specs.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow –help to print subcomands info. e.g. $ manila create --help


Bug Fixes

  • Fix endpoint not found error when only the manilav2 endpoint is configured.