Newton Series Release Notes



  • Added new parameters to Share Migration experimental API.

New Features

  • Add list, show, and reset-status admin commands for snapshot instances.

  • Returns access_key as part of access_list API response for API microversions >= ‘2.21’.

  • Added parameter to change share type when performing migration.

  • Share Migration now has parameters to force share migration procedure to maintain the share writable, preserve its metadata and be non-disruptive when migrating.

  • Added parameter to change share network when performing migration.

Deprecation Notes

  • Renamed Share Migration ‘force_host_copy’ parameter to ‘force_host_assisted_migration’, to better represent the parameter’s functionality.

  • API version 2.22 is now required for all Share Migration APIs.

Bug Fixes

  • Added “–columns” support for share-replica-list command.

  • Use consistent environment variable naming. All old variables are still supported due to compatibility reasons.

  • Fix error handling for os-token and bypass-url.


Bug Fixes

  • Both ‘manila list –all-tenants’ and ‘manila list –public’ will show column Project ID. Same is the change in behavior of snapshot-list –all-tenants.

  • Added proper error handling for missing API minor version number.


New Features

  • Started using release notes to track changes to python-manilaclient.