Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Manila now allows modifying the share instance statuses to “migrating” or “migrating_to”. Clarified the help text in the client to include these statuses.


New Features

  • Added share group support (replacing CG support).

  • Added support for the mountable snapshots feature to manila client.

Upgrade Notes

  • By adding share group support, the earlier support for CGs was removed. Preexisting CGs should be managed as share groups instead.


New Features

  • Added --detail argument to pool list command.

  • Added --share_type argument to pool list command.

  • Add support to check quota usage by ‘–detail’ in quota-show

  • Added ‘preserve-snapshots’ to migration-start command.

  • Manila exposes new transitional states for access rules and the collective “access_rules_status” fields for shares and share instances. The API request version in the client has been bumped to support these changes.

  • Added support for the revert-to-snapshot feature.

  • Support the new optional create_share_from_snapshot_support extra spec, and handle the newly-optional snapshot_support extra spec.

Upgrade Notes

  • Added new microversion in which nova-net-id option is no longer allowed for share-network create or update commands. Nova networking was deprecated in OpenStack in Newton and is no longer supported for general deployments in Ocata.

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for the experimental share migration APIs has been dropped for API microversions prior to 2.29.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated descriptions of migration-start parameters.

  • Added support for missing command to list manila service availability zones.

  • User can specify any number of extra-specs in type_create.