Zed Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The openstack share quota set command has been fixed to not set per_share_gigabytes unless the user has specified the parameter, and unless the user requests, and the server supports API version 2.62.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed default share type lookup associated with the “openstack share create” command. The lookup now resolves default share types correctly even on environments where the default type isn’t named “default”. See launchpad bug #2030686 for more details.


Bug Fixes

  • The OpenStackClient plugin will now use most suitable version for openstack commmands client generation if user supplied version is above max version supported by server. For more details, please refer Launchpad bug #1960490

  • Fixed the use of the “–availability-zone” option with the “openstack share network create” command.

  • Support –os-key option and OS_KEY environment variable which allows to provide client cert and its private key separately.



The manilaclient repository now includes a plugin to openstackclient. You can use the openstack share .. command line interface to administer the Shared File System service (manila) on any deployment alongside using it to provision and manage the life cycle of manila resources. Refer to the official documentation to find command syntax and usage information. You may also view this documentation directly in the CLI with openstack help share <subcommand>. For example, openstack help share create.

New Features

  • The command share-network-subnet-create-check was added. This command will check if the share network subnet can be created in a specific share network based on the cloud support. The OSC equivalent command is also added, run the subnet create with the new option –check-only.

Upgrade Notes

  • With the introduction of the openstackclient integration, we are also announcing our intent to deprecate the “manila” shell commands. These clients will emit a deprecation warning in a future release, and will eventually be removed. We recommend that you transition your workflows and tooling to use the “openstack” CLI when using the Shared File Systems service (manila) commands. The “manilaclient” SDK is unaffected by the introducion of OpenStackClient.

Bug Fixes

  • Launchpad bug 1909477 has been fixed by prevent sending the share creation request with any capitalization of the name “None”.

  • Bug #1925486 Share replica create command does not support share network option and manila internally uses parent share’s share network. Fixed it to allow any share network by providing option share-network starting with microversion ‘2.72’.

  • Launchpad bug 1959329 has been fixed for share server listing with network subnet id.

  • When creating a share from snapshot with ‘openstack share create’, the client no longer forces the use of a share type. See bug #1980985 for more information.

Other Notes

  • The openstack share .. CLI is usable only with the “v2” API. At this time, we have no plans to support its use with the deprecated “v1” API provided by the Shared File System service (manila).

  • The openstack share .. CLI does not yet support API microversion negotiation. This means that to use this release of the OpenStackClient with older Shared File System API service, users would have to set the API version in their environments. This can be done via cloud config (specify shared_file_system_api_version) or via shell environment OS_SHARE_API_VERSION or via the CLI overrride: --os-share-api-version. Without this override, the client will use a hard-coded API version to make API requests and this may fail in your deployment if the version is unsupported.


Deprecation Notes

  • Support for Python versions 3.6 and 3.7 was dropped. The minimum supported version is now Python 3.8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression with the use of the “force” keyword in the “extend” API in the Share resource. See LP #1975488 for more details.