Wallaby Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Launchpad bug 1909477 has been fixed by prevent sending the share creation request with any capitalization of the name “None”.

  • The OpenStackClient plugin will now use most suitable version for openstack commmands client generation if user supplied version is above max version supported by server. For more details, please refer Launchpad bug #1960490

  • Support –os-key option and OS_KEY environment variable which allows to provide client cert and its private key separately.


Bug Fixes

  • Launchpad bug 1960422 has been fixed by prevent sending the share creation request and provide early feedback to CLI users.


Bug Fixes

  • Launchpad bug 1953670 has been fixed by updating the attribute name for the share group type access repr to be share_group_type_id.


Bug Fixes


New Features

  • Added support for updating and adding security services to in use share networks. The command share-network-security-service-update was added to the client. Before each of these commands is executed, make sure to run the correspondent check command, being either share-network-security-service-add-check or share-network-security-service-update-check. These commands will check if the desired share network can have security services added or updated, based on the cloud support. Also, these commands can be used for both to request a check and to check the outcome. The command share-network-reset-state was also implemented in case there is need to update the share network status field.