Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs 1738917 and 1738918. Names can now be used in commands pertaining to share group types.


Bug Fixes

  • The list command for –os-share-api-version <=2.34 has been fixed to not error out in case there are no search options/filters specified.


New Features

  • Shares and share instances can now be filtered with their export location IDs or paths.

  • IPv6 ACL support has been added in manila. access-allow command now validates and allows access control to IPv6 clients.

  • Added support for matching filters (name~, description~) to filter results of the list commands for shares, snapshots, share-networks, and share-groups.

  • Added support for description as a filter to the list commands for shares, snapshots, share-networks, and share-groups.

  • Added new subcommands message-list, message-show and message-delete.

  • Added support for per-share-type quotas.

  • Added support for share group and share group snapshot quotas.

Upgrade Notes

  • After addition of share group and share group snapshot quotas, it is now possible to get ‘over limit’ error creating share groups and share group snapshots.


New Features

  • Beginning in version 2.33, share access list API returns “created_at” and “updated_at” for each access rule as part of the JSON response.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove unused sort key export_location from list CLI.


Bug Fixes

  • If using python3.5, a TypeError will raise if server returns a 4xx response. Below is the error message:

    TypeError: unorderable types: int() > NoneType()

    This error occurred because python-manilaclient tried to compare an integer with None. This is not a valid comparison starting from python3.5.

    See bug #1664877 for more details.

  • Changed user access name limit from 32 to 255 characters since there are security services that allow user names longer than 32 characters.