Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Share replica export locations APIs are now supported within the v2 client and the manilaclient shell. These commands are available with API version 2.47 and beyond.

  • Added CLI commands to manage and unmanage share servers.

  • Updated CLI command for managing shares to accept share_server_id parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Launchpad bug 1814094 has been fixed and the client now correctly parses the base URL from manila’s endpoint url, accounting for proxy URLs.


New Features

  • organizational unit (–ou) parameter support added in manila cli

Bug Fixes

  • Fix share_group_type_create returning is_default as a function object instead of value

  • The shell utility has been fixed to report errors correctly on python3 environments.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs 1777849 and 1779935. Name can be used for the sort option in the list command.

  • Fixed bug 1782672. Name can now be used in type-show command.