2023.1 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in “access rule” subcommands where the client logic incorrectly assumed that access rules have a “name” property which resulted in unpredictable behaviors. e.g. “access rule delete {non-existent-id}” now results in a not-found error instead of sometimes deleting an unrelated rule.


New Features

  • Add port ranges support to the floating ip port forwarding commands.

  • The host list and host show commands have been migrated to SDK.

  • Switch the server volume list and server volume update command from novaclient to SDK.

  • Finish switching server migration to the OpenStackSDK

Upgrade Notes

  • The --consistency-group-source and --consistency-group-snapshot options for the consistency group create command have been renamed to --source and --snapshot, respectively. Aliases are provided for the older variants.

  • The server volume update command has been renamed to server volume set to better match other commands in OSC. An alias is provided for backwards compatibility.

Deprecation Notes

  • The <volume-group-type> and <volume-type> [<volume-type>...] positional arguments for the volume group create command have been deprecated in favour of option arguments. For example:

    openstack volume group create \
      --volume-group-type <volume-group-type>
      --volume-type <volume-type> [--volume-type <volume-type> ...]


New Features

  • Added --backup option to the volume create command.

  • Add baremetal agent type to --agent-type option for network agent list command.

  • Added block storage volume manageable list and block storage snapshot manageable list commands that allow operators to list the volumes and snapshots on a particular host or cluster for management under OpenStack.

  • Added --source-group and --group-snapshot options to the volume group create command to allow creating group from a source group or a group snapshot.

  • Adds openstack image metadef namespace list. The output is equivalent to glance md-namespace-list.

  • Add image task show command to show a task for the image service.

  • Add image task list command to list tasks for the image service.

  • Add missing --trustee, --trustee-domain, --trustor, --trustor-domain options to trust list command, to allow filtering trusts by trustee and trustor.

  • Add --authuser option to trust list command, to allow displaying only trusts related to current authenticated user

  • Add a new argument --target-project to the network rbac list command to filter for a specific target project.

  • The server rebuild commands now accept two optional --reimage-boot-volume and --no-reimage-boot-volume``option. Passing these parameter will allow/disallow a user to rebuild a volume backed server. This is available from Compute microversion ``2.93 and onwards.

  • Added block storage log level list and block storage log level set commands that allows operators to list and set log levels for cinder services.

  • Added volume revert command that reverts the volume to the given snapshot.

  • Added volume summary command to show the total size, total count and metadata of volumes.

  • Added block storage cleanup command that allows cleanup of resources (volumes and snapshots) by services in other nodes in a cluster in an Active-Active deployments.

  • Support of two commands was added in volume v3: “volume backend capability show” and “volume backend pool list”. These commands are present in v2 volume, but still absent in v3.

  • The server create command now accepts two new options, --no-network and --auto-network. These are aliases for --nic none and --nic auto, respectively.

  • Add --host and --no-availability-zone options to the server unshelve command to enable administrators to specify a destination host or unset the availability zone during a server unshelve, respectively. Both options require the server to be shelved offload and --os-compute-api-version 2.91 or greater.

  • The quota list command can now provide detailed quotas for the volume service, e.g.:

    $ openstack quota list --detail --volume
  • identity provider create and identity provider set commands now accept the --authorization-ttl <VALUE> argument, with <VALUE> being a non-negative integer.

    See note in Keystone documentations for more details on the meaning of this option.

  • Add image import command, allowing users to take advantage of the interoperable image import functionality first introduced in Glance 16.0.0 (Queens).

  • Add openstack image metadef namespace create command to create metadef namespace for the image service.

  • Add openstack image metadef namespace delete command to delete image metadef namespace.

  • Add openstack image metadef namespace set command to update metadef namespace for the image service.

  • Add openstack image metadef namespace show command to show metadef namespace for the image service.

  • Added a new command, image stage, that will allow users to upload data for an image to staging.

  • Add new commands router ndp proxy create, router ndp proxy set, router ndp proxy show, router ndp proxy list and router ndp proxy delete to support Neutron NDP proxy CRUD operations.

  • Add new options --enable-ndp-proxy and --disable-ndp-proxy to command router create and router set to support Neutron NDP proxy feature.

  • Added two new filter flags to openstack network qos rule type list: --all-supported, to return any QoS rule type supported by at least one loaded driver; --all-rules, to return all QoS rule types supported by the current version of Neutron server, regardless of the loaded drivers.

  • Add --no-force option to the openstack quota set command (only for compute and network commands). When specified, the compute and network quota engine will check the resource usage before setting the new quota limit. This is the default behavior of the compute quota engine and will become the default for the network quota engine in a future release.

  • The server list command now uses the OpenStack SDK instead of the Python nova bindings.

  • The <name> argument for the volume create command is now optional.

  • Added a new command, quota delete, that will allow admins delete quotas set for projects. Supported by the compute, volume, and network services.

  • The quota show command now allows you to show quotas for a specific service using the --compute, --volume, or --network options.

  • The quota show command now supports a --usage option. When provided, this will result in the command returning usage information for each quota. This replaces the quota list --detail command which is now deprecated for removal.

  • The server list needs to query the image service API to retrieve image names as part of the response. This command will now retrieve only the images that are relevant, i.e. those used by the server included in the output. This should result in signficantly faster responses when using a deployment with a large number of public images.

  • Switch hypervisor to the OpenStackSDK

  • Switch hypervisor operations to consume OpenStackSDK

  • The server migration * commands now use the OpenStackSDK instead of novaclient.

  • The server show command now uses the OpenStack SDK instead of the Python nova bindings. The command prints data fields both by their novaclient names used in previous releases as well as the names used in the SDK.

Deprecation Notes

  • The --class options of the quota show and quota set commands are now deprecated. Quota classes were never fully implemented and the compute and volume services only support a single default quota class while the network service does not support quota classes at all. The default quotas can be changed on a deployment-wide basis via configuration and can be inspected using the openstack quota show --default command. Quotas can still be set on a project-specific basis using the quota set command.

  • The openstack quota set command currently defaults to --force behavior for network quotas. This behavior is now deprecated and a future release will switch to --no-force behavior. Users should explicitly specify one of these options to prevent a potentially breaking change in behavior.

  • The --detail option for the quota list command has been deprecated for removal. When used without the --detail option, the quota list command returned quota information for multiple projects yet when used with this option it only returned (detailed) quota information for a single project. This detailed quota information is now available via the quota show --usage command.

  • The --project option for the quota list command has been deprecated for removal. Use the quota show command instead.

Bug Fixes

  • The server create command will no longer insist on an --image, --image-property, --volume or --snapshot argument when a volume is provided with a boot index of 0 via the --block-device option.

  • The flavor list command will no longer attempt to fetch extra specs unless they are actually required (by using the --long) option. This should significantly improve performance on clouds with a large number of flavors. [Story 2010343]