Yoga Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed create image from volume command. If user wants to pass visibility and protected fields, they need to specify volume microversion 3.1 or greater by passing os-volume-api-version 3.1 with the command.

  • Fixed a bug in “access rule” subcommands where the client logic incorrectly assumed that access rules have a “name” property which resulted in unpredictable behaviors. e.g. “access rule delete {non-existent-id}” now results in a not-found error instead of sometimes deleting an unrelated rule.


New Features

  • Add local ip create, local ip delete, local ip list, local ip set, local ip show, local ip association create, local ip association delete and local ip association list commands to support Neutron Local IP CRUD operations. [bug 1930200]

  • Add possibility to unbind Neutron’s port from the host by unsetting its host_id.

  • Support for the remote-managed VNIC type has been added and can now be passed to the --vnic-type option when used in conjunction with the port create and port set commands.

  • Add --check-limit option to the openstack quota set command (only for network commands). The network quota engine will check the resource usage before setting the new quota limit.

  • Add support for compute API microversion 2.47, which changes how flavor details are included in server detail responses. In 2.46 and below, only the flavor ID was shown in the server detail response. Starting in 2.47, flavor information is embedded in the server response. The newer behavior is now supported.

  • Add --subnet-pool option to subnet list to filter by subnets by subnet pool.

  • Switch the add fixed IP command from novaclient to SDK.

  • Migrate openstack server image create from novaclient to sdk.

  • Migrate server add network/port from novaclient to openstacksdk.

  • Migrate openstack server add volume to using sdk.

  • Migrate server pause and server unpause commands from novaclient to sdk.

  • Migrate server suspend and server resume commands from novaclient to sdk.

  • Switch the compute service commands from novaclient to SDK.

  • It is now possible to add an external gateway to a router immediately on creation. Previously it could only be done by modifying the router after it had been created. This includes the options to en- or disable SNAT and to specify a fixed-ip on the external network.

  • Added the ability to pass arguments through to the ssh command When using openstack server ssh. This allows the user to use any ssh option without needing to add that option to the openstack client. Existing openstackclient options that mirror SSH options are now deprecated.

  • Added --security-group option to the os port list command. This option is appendable and multiple security group IDs can be provided.

  • Switch server remove volume/port to using sdk.

  • Switch command server remove volume to using sdk.

Deprecation Notes

  • openstack server ssh options that mirror ssh options are now deprecated (--login, -l, --port, --identity, --option, -o, -vz). The ssh equivalent of each deprecated option should be used instead. For example openstack server ssh instance -- -l user -i key


New Features

  • The server create, server set and server rebuild commands now accept an optional --hostname HOSTNAME option. This can be used to configure the hostname stored in the metadata service and/or config drive. Utilities such as cloud-init can then consume this information to set the hostname within the guest OS.

  • Added --trusted-image-cert option for server create. It is available only when directly booting server from image (not from volume, not from snapshot and not via image converted to volume first). This option is supported for Compute API version >=2.63

  • Added support for microversion 2.89. This microversion removes the id field while adding the attachment_id and bdm_uuid fields to the responses of GET /servers/{server_id}/os-volume_attachments and GET /servers/{server_id}/os-volume_attachments/{volume_id} with these changes reflected in novaclient under the openstack server volume list command.

  • Migrate openstack server backup from novaclient to sdk.

  • The server add volume command will now return details of the created volume attachment upon successful attachment.

Bug Fixes

  • Filtering servers by tags (server list --tag, server list --not-tag) now works correctly. [Bug 1946816]