Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix occurrences of the network agent delete command failing with newer releases of python-openstacksdk. [Bug 1711301]

  • Fix the project purge command to correctly delete only images owned by the specified project ID when run by an administrative user. [Bug 1717130]

  • Remove the client-side check for valid --policy values in the server group create command. Specify --os-compute-api-version 2.15 or higher for the soft-affinity or soft-anti-affinity policy. [Bug 1732938]


New Features

  • Add --default and --no-default options to network qos policy create and network qos policy set comamnds. [Bug 1639220]

  • The virtio-forwarder VNIC type has been added as another option for setting the --vnic-type property on the port set and port create commands. This requests a low-latency virtio port inside the instance, likely backed by hardware acceleration. Currently the Agilio OVS external plugin provides support for this, with support from other vendors following soon.

  • Added support for tags to the following resources: network, subnet, port, router and subnet pool. [Blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/python-openstackclient/+spec/neutron-client-tag]

    • Add --tag and --no-tag options to corresponding “create” commands.

    • Add --tag and --no-tag options to corresponding “set” commands.

    • Add --tag and --all-tag options to corresponding “unset” commands. (network unset command is introduced to support the tag operation)

    • Add --tags, --any-tags, --not-tags and --not-any-tags options to corresponding “list” commands.

  • Add command openstack project purge to clean a project’s resources. [Bug 1584596]

  • Added --egress and --ingress options to network qos rule create and network qos rule set commands. This adds directionality to Network QoS bandwidth-limit rule type. [Bug 1614121]

  • Add --human-readable option to image show to display image size in human readable format (such as K, M, G, T,..) [Bug 1640086]

  • Add --default-quota option to subnet pool create and subnet pool set commands. [Bug 1667294]

  • Add --data-plane-status option to port set and port unset commands. [Bug 1684989]

  • Added the --domain option to the identity provider create command to associate an existing domain with an identity provider on its creation.

    [Bug 1698390]

  • Add --name and --status options to image list command to filter images based on name and status respectively. [Bug 1698742]

  • Add --user and --type option to credential list command to filter list result by different user or type.

  • Add support for streaming Swift objects to stdout when using the object save command by specifying - as a file name: --filename -.

  • Add --no-name-lookup option to server list command to skip the lookup of flavor and image names. This can save a significant amount of time on clouds with a large number of images. -n is an alias for this option.

Bug Fixes

  • Change column name Display Name to Name in volume list output. Current volume list --name command uses display_name as search_opts to send to cinder API, and show the result table with Display Name as column title. Replace all Display Name by Name to be consistent with other list commands.

    Support a mapping for volume list -c Display Name (Volume v1 and v2) and volume create/show -c display_name (Volume v1) to maintain backward compatibility until the next major release. [Bug 1657956]

  • Make the role assignment list command callable without administrator permissions if restricted to the user’s own project with the --project option. [Bug 1658189]

  • Clarify the --block-device-mapping option of the server create command: fix ValueError when the --block-device-mapping option’s argument is in the wrong format; support creating a block device from a snapshot; add details to the help output about the option format. [Bug 1667266]

  • Allow the --security-group option from the server create command to be specified by name or ID. This also checks that the security group exist before creating the server. [Bug 1687814]

  • Raise exact exception when extension don’t exist in extension show command, and keep the column display order consist in extension list with and without --long option. [Bug 1689233]

  • Fixed an issue where a trust could not be created if multiple roles had the same name. A role’s ID is now sent to the identity service instead. [Bug 1696111]

  • Fix an issue with the --domain option when used with the project show, user show and user set commands. The domain filter did not work when the login user’s project name or user name is the same as the requested resource name in the specified domain. [Bug 1704097]

  • Add --community and --shared options to the image create and image set commands to allow image owners to share images across multiple projects without explicitly creating image members. “Community images” will not appear in user’s default image listings.

  • Remove --transparent-vlan and --no-transparent-vlan from network set, because updating vlan-transparent is not supported in Neutron. [Bug 1691776]


Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue in port list command when no Compute endpoint is in the Service Catalog. [Bug 1688194]


New Features

  • Add --share, --no-share, --project, --project-domain options to qos policy list command. [Blueprint network-commands-options]

  • Add quota list command with --compute, --volume and --network options. [Blueprint quota-list]

  • Add server add port and server remove port commands which enable to add/remove ports to/from a server [Bug 1678137]

  • Add --no-ha option to the router create command [Bug 1675514]

  • Add --fixed-ip-address option to the server add floating ip command [Bug 1624524]

  • Add --fixed-ip-address option to the server add fixed ip command [Bug 1678140]

  • Added extension show command to display the details of an extension. Currently works only for network extensions. [Blueprint extension-show]

  • Add --private-key option for keypair create command to specify the private key file to save when a keypair is created, removing the need to copy the output and paste it into a new file. This is a convenient way to save private key in OSC interactive mode. [Bug 1549410]

  • Add --sort support to project list by sorting items in client side By default project list will be sorted by name. [Bug 1596818]

  • Add --qos-policy option to port create, port set and port unset commands. [Bug 1612136]

  • Add --network and --port options to server create command as alternatives to --nic option. [Bug 1612898]

  • The project list command lists all projects when called by an admin user. For non-admin users it will now list projects for the authenticated user instead of exiting with an authorization failure. The --my-projects option has also been added to the project list command to allow admin users to list their own projects. [Bug 1627555]

  • Add server event list and server event show commands.

    A server event is the event record of actions performed on a server, including: event type(create, delete, reboot and so on), event result(success, error), start time, finish time and others. [Bug 1642030]

  • Add floating ip set and floating ip unset commands. [Bug 1560297]

Deprecation Notes

  • volume transfer request accept has been changed to move the auth-key positional argument to a requried option --auth-key. This leaves the transfer request ID as the only positional arguemnt, as per the OpenStackClient command format. The old format is still functional, but is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix volume transfer request accept to not fail the transfer request name/ID lookup for non-admin users as the Volume API does not allow non-admin users access to transfers in other projects. [Bug 1633582]

  • Change the output column order in volume transfer request list to have ID followed by Name then the remaining columns.

  • Now the positional parameter <snapshot-name> of volume snapshot create command is no longer optional, it should be always present. [Bug 1659894]

  • security group list command now can display project IDs in the Project column of the command output. [Bug 1659967]

  • Allow users to create centralized (distributed=False) routers using the --centralized option in router create. Without this, routers are created based on the default neutron configuration of the deployment, which, for example, could be ‘distributed’. [Bug 1664255]

  • Add --mac-address option to port set command. [Bug 1670707]

  • Narrow acceptable negative response codes for group contains user [Bug 1672634]

  • Fix creating a server with a block-device-mapping when volume_size is empty. [Bug 1677236]


New Features

  • Add --fixed-ip option to the port list command. [Bug 1634799]

  • Add --encryption-provider, --encryption-cipher, --encryption-key-size and --encryption-control-location options to volume type set and volume type create commands. Add --encryption-type option to volume type unset, volume type list and volume type show commands. [Bug 1651117]

  • Add --group option to the command list command to filter the commands by group name: openstack command list --group volume will list all Volume commands for the selected API version. Use --os-XXXX-api-version to select a specific API version for the desired APIs.

    This provides an alternative to searching help output to list the comamnds available for specific APIs. Note that the --group argument is used as a simple substring search in the Command Group column. [Bug 1666780]

  • Added support for Volume API v3 for the following block storage command resources: consistency group, consistency group snapshot, volume, volume backup, volume host, volume snapshot, volume type, volume qos, volume service, volume transfer request. Note that microversion support for Volume API v3 is not yet implemented, each command will assume the API version is 3.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix --parents and --children options in project show command. [Bug 1499657]

  • Fixed the port set and port unset command failures (AttributeError) when --security-group option is included. [Bug 1656788]

  • Fix wrong behavior of parsing plugin service name when the service name end with keyword os, like: antiddos. That cause the service api version specified by users don’t work. [Bug 1658614]

  • Fix module list --all command failed, and enhance the related unit tests and funcational tests. [Bug 1661814]

  • Fix server create command failed when --nic auto or none. auto and none options was added into –nic argument of server create command, but that don’t work and raise internal error when execute command. The patch fix that issue. [Bug 1663520]

  • Allow --default and --no-default options in network create command to be recognized when --external is not present. [Bug 1665231]

  • Fix the Ethertype column output of security group rule list command. [Bug 1667699]