Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add --limit and --offset options to server group list command, to configure pagination of results.

  • Add support for compute API microversion 2.47, which changes how flavor details are included in server detail responses. In 2.46 and below, only the flavor ID was shown in the server detail response. Starting in 2.47, flavor information is embedded in the server response. The newer behavior is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • The openstack server group create command will now validate the policy value requested with --policy, restricting it to the valid values allowed by given microversions.

Other Notes

  • Remove deprecated neutron-lbaas results from quota show command.


New Features

  • Add NUMA affinity policy to port create, port set and port unset commands.

  • Support for image search via properties of image. Currently “openstack server create –image-property” only takes image property. Now it can also search image via properties (user defined) too. Story!/story/2007860.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove role assignments from keystone that reference non-existent users or groups.

    [Bug 2006635]

  • The openstack server show -f json command was not outputting json for security groups, volumes and properties properly.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with python 3.8 and entrypoint loading where the new builtin importlib entrypoint support had a different attribute api than expected.


New Features

  • Add a new option –description to floating ip port forwarding create and floating ip port forwarding set commands.

  • Added --import flag to openstack image create to allow the user to force use of the image import codepath.

  • Added the below mentioned parameters to the user create and set commands.

    • –ignore-lockout-failure-attempts

    • –no-ignore-lockout-failure-attempts

    • –ignore-password-expiry

    • –no-ignore-password-expiry

    • –ignore-change-password-upon-first-use

    • –no-ignore-change-password-upon-first-use

    • –enable-lock-password

    • –disable-lock-password

    • –enable-multi-factor-auth

    • –disable-multi-factor-auth

    • –multi-factor-auth-rule

    This will now allow users to set user options via CLI. <>

  • Added the below mentioned parameters to the role, project and domain commands.

    • –immutable

    • –no-immutable

    This will allow user to set “immutable” resource option.

  • Add --force options to the openstack quota set command. The compute service allows us to to force set a quota, setting a quota value that is less than the amount of the resource currently consumed. Expose this feature by way of a --force boolean parameter.

  • Add address_scope as a valid --type value for the network rbac create and network rbac list commands.

  • Add subnetpool as a valid --type value for the network rbac create and network rbac list commands.

  • Add new commands router add route and router remove route to support new Neutron extension: extraroute-atomic (see Neutron RFE).

  • Add --stateful and --stateless option to the security group create and security group set commands to support stateful and stateless security groups.

Deprecation Notes

  • The use of router set --route to add extra routes next to already existing extra routes is deprecated in favor of router add route --route, because router set --route if used from multiple clients concurrently may lead to lost updates.

Bug Fixes

  • [Story 2005246] The is_domain property safely handles type checking.

  • While uploading a signed image, a private key to sign that image must be specified. The CLI client asks for the password of that private key. Due to wrong encoding handling while using Python 3, the password is not accepted, whether it is correct or not.

  • Makes volume backup record commands available in Volume API v3. Task 40279