Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add dns-domain support for network commands. The new parameter --dns-domain is added to the network create and network set commands. This parameter sets the domain name for the network. Check backend available extension and return an error message if it is missing (instead of a Bad Request HTTP 400).

Bug Fixes

  • Re-open stdout in binary mode before writing object data in object save --file - command. [Bug 1775482]


New Features

  • Add --name-lookup-one-by-one option to the server list command that is (mutually exclusive with -n | --no-name-lookup). When provided, the names of images and flavors will be resolved one by one only for those images and flavors that are needed to display the obtained list of servers instead of fetching all the images and flavors. Depending on amount of images in your deployment this can speed up the execution of this command.

  • When given --image or --flavor argument, the server list command now resolves only single image or flavor instead of fetching all the images or flavors for name lookup purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix endpoint group delete command to properly delete endpoint groups. [Story 2005521]

  • The compute service set command now properly handles --os-compute-api-version 2.53 and greater. [Story 2005349]


Bug Fixes

  • The openstack server add floating ip command has been fixed to handle servers with multiple ports attached. Previously, the command was using the first port in the port list when attempting to associate the floating ip. This could fail if the server had multiple ports and the first port in the list was not attached to an external gateway. Another way it could fail is if the --fixed-ip-address option was passed and the first port did not have the specified fixed IP address attached to it. Now, the openstack server add floating ip command will find the port attached to the specified --fixed-ip-address, if provided, else it will try multiple ports until one is found attached to an external gateway. If a suitable port is not found in the port list, an error will be returned.


New Features

  • Add image member list command to list all members of an image.

  • Add --tag option to image list command to filter by tag.

  • Add --image-property option to server create command. This parameter will filter a image which properties that are matching.

  • Add an ip-substring key to the --fixed-ip option of the port list command. This allows filtering ports by a substring match of an IP address. [Bug 1718605]

  • Add registered limit commands for managing registered limits in Keystone. Registered limits define limits of resources for projects to assume by default. [bp unified-limits]

  • Add limit commands for managing project-specific limits in keystone. Limits define limits of resources for projects to consume once a limit has been registered. [bp unified-limits]

  • Add --tag and --no-tag options to security group create and security group set commands. [Bug 1750983]

  • Add --tags, --any-tags, --not-tags and --not-any-tags options to security group list command. [Bug 1750983]

  • Add --tag and --all-tag options to security group unset command. [Bug 1750983]

  • Add --description option to flavor set command to update the description of the flavor. Only available starting with --os-compute-api-version 2.55.

  • Add --description option to flavor create command to set the description of the flavor. Only available starting with --os-compute-api-version 2.55.

  • Add support for system-scope to role commands. This includes the ability to generate system-scoped tokens using system_scope: all in cloud.yaml or OS_SYSTEM_SCOPE=all in an environment variable. Support is also included for managing role assignments on the system using --system when adding and removing roles. [bp system-scope]

  • Add --network-segment option to subnet set command. This enables the possiblity to set the segment_id of a subnet on update.

  • A new command, openstack versions show was added, which will provide a list of all versions of all services in the cloud. It includes relevant metadata, such as min/max microversion, endpoint, status and region.

Bug Fixes

  • Add --community option to image list command. [Bug 2001925]

  • The server list --all command now resolves non-public flavor names, too, so that the Flavor column will be properly populated. [Bug 1742453]

  • Add --tag support to floating ip create|list|set|unset commands. [Bug 1750985]

  • The server show command will now properly show the server’s flavor information when using --os-compute-api-version 2.47 or higher. [Bug 1751104]

Other Notes

  • Remove deprecated ip floating and ip floating pool commands.


New Features

  • Adds support for creating, reading, and deleting application credentials via the appication credential command. With application credentials, a user can grant their applications limited access to their cloud resources. Once created, users can authenticate with an application credential by using the v3applicationcredential auth type. [blueprint application-credentials]

  • Add --tag option to project create command, --tag, --clear-tags, and --remove-tag options to project set command. Add --tags, --tags-any, --not-tags, and --not-tags-any options to project list command to filter list results by different projects based on their tags. [blueprint project-tags]

  • Add --dns-domain option to port create and port set commands. Requires the dns_domain for ports extension to be enabled. See the Neutron DNS integration documentation for information how to use this. [Bug 1714878]

  • Add endpoint group commands: endpoint group add project, endpoint group create, endpoint group delete, endpoint group list, endpoint group remove project, endpoint group set and endpoint group show. [Blueprint keystone-endpoint-filter]

  • Add --mtu option to network create and network set commands, allowing CLI users to set the MTU for Neutron networks.