Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The server rebuild commands now accept two optional --reimage-boot-volume and --no-reimage-boot-volume``option. Passing these parameter will allow/disallow a user to rebuild a volume backed server. This is available from Compute microversion ``2.93 and onwards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in “access rule” subcommands where the client logic incorrectly assumed that access rules have a “name” property which resulted in unpredictable behaviors. e.g. “access rule delete {non-existent-id}” now results in a not-found error instead of sometimes deleting an unrelated rule.


New Features

  • Add block storage cluster create, block storage cluster delete, block storage cluster list and block storage cluster show commands to create, delete, list, and show block storage service clusters, respectively.

  • The volume argument of the volume backup restore command is now optional and can refer to the name of a new volume that should be created rather than a name or ID of an existing volume (which would be overwritten). If not provided, cinder will generate a new volume with a unique name. To restore a backup to an existing volume, you must now specify the --force option (volume v2, v3 only). [Bug 1597189]

  • The image list now accepts multiple --tag options, allowing you to filter images on more than one tag.

  • Add support for QoS minimum packet rate rule to following commands: network qos rule create, network qos rule delete, network qos rule list, network qos rule show and network qos rule set

  • Add --force options to the openstack quota set command for network service commands. Neutron quota engine now accepts “force” flag to set a new resource quota limit, regardless of the current resource usage.

  • The server list command will now display Host Status when the --long option is specified and the compute API microversion is 2.16 or greater.

  • The server migration abort, server migration force complete and server migration show commands will now accept a server migration UUID in addition to an ID.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed create image from volume command. If user wants to pass visibility and protected fields, they need to specify volume microversion 3.1 or greater by passing os-volume-api-version 3.1 with the command.

  • The volume attachment create command will now display information for successfully created volume attachments. Previously an empty table was returned.