Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • security group list command now can display project IDs in the Project column of the command output. [Bug 1659967]

  • Fix occurrences of the network agent delete command failing with newer releases of python-openstacksdk. [Bug 1711301]


Bug Fixes

  • The network create command was ignoring the --project option and creating networks owned by the current authenticated user’s project. This was a regression introduced in OSC 3.8.0. [Bug 1659878]

  • The address scope list command failed with ‘HttpException: Bad Request’ when the --share or --no-share options were used. [Bug 1659993]


New Features

  • Add --allowed-address option to port create, port set and port unset commands. Also add --no-allowed-address option to port create and port set commands. [Bug 1612136]

  • Add --deleted and --changes-since options to server list command. [Bug 1647242]

  • Add --project and --project-domain filtering options to port list command. [Bug 1648087]

  • Add --domain options to the user set command. Allows specification of domain context when changing users. [Bug 1658147]

  • Add --project and --project-domain option to volume snapshot list command, in order to filter list result by different project.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow --block-device-mapping option to work correctly with --volume option in server create command. After Bug 1383338 --block-device-mapping was ignored if --volume was present. Block device mappings are now appended to the mapping created by the --volume option if it is present. The device name of the boot volume specificed in the --volume option is no longer assumed to be ‘vda’ but now uses the hypervisor’s boot index to obtain the device name. This maintains the status quo for QEMU/KVM hypervisors but XEN, parallels and others virt types that have device naming is different from vd* should now also work correctly. [Bug 1497845] [Bug 1647406]

  • Fixed a __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'project_name' error in various networking commands when help or --help was used. [Bug 1650026]

  • Work around a bug in OpenStackSDK 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 that causes quota set --network to fail. [Bug 1655445]

  • Fixed a volume qos create display mistake in argument of specs. [Bug 1656767]

  • Correctly handle non-admin in create trust command when looking up role names. [Bug 1658582]


New Features

  • Added auto and none as values for --nic to the``server create`` command. Specifying none will not attach a network to the server. Specifying auto will automatically attach a network. Note, v2.37 (or newer) of the Compute API is required for these options. [Bug 1650342]

  • Add support for Network QoS rule commands: network qos rule create, network qos rule delete, network qos rule list, network qos rule show and network qos rule set [Bug 1609472]

  • Add support for Network QoS rule type commands: network qos rule type list, [Bug 1612194]

  • Add --router and --no-router options to osc router set command to modify routes in a router instance. [ Blueprint allow-overwrite-set-options]

  • Add consistency group add volume and consistency group remove volume commands in volume v2. [Bug 1642238]

  • Add filters --agent-type and --host to network agent list command [Bug 1641868]

  • Add --type, --action, --long options to network rbac list command [Bug 1648307]

  • Add support to update image membership with the --accept, --reject and --pending options of the image set command.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an endpoint version problem with Image endpoints that contained the substring ‘v2’. [Bug 1652827]

  • Fix --project option for flavor create command when the ID for the new flavor is auto generated. [Bug 1654221]

  • Fixed a 'Quota' object is not iterable error in the quota show command that appeared with the initial release of openstacksdk v0.9.11 and v0.9.12. [Bug 1655537]

  • Fix floating ip delete and floating ip show to accept IP addresses in addition to IDs to select floating IPs to delete or show. [Bug 1656402

  • Work around a bug in OpenStackSDK 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 that causes quota show --default to fail. [Bug 1656572]

  • Fix a bug of unable to filter volume list by --project and --user options in the openstack volume list.

  • Makes openstack object save much faster when saving an object to disk. [Bug 1654645]


New Features

  • Add --bootable, --non-bootable, --read-only and --read-write options to volume create command. [Blueprint cinder-command-support]

  • Add --name, --ip-version, --project, --project-domain, --share, --no-share options to the address scope list command. [Bug 1636046]

  • Add ploop as a valid disk format choice for image create and image set commands. [Bug 1650342]

  • Add support for setting the gateway information in a router, by introducing the new option --external-gateway in router set command and clearing the gateway information in a router by introducing --external-gateway option in router unset command. [ Blueprint neutron-client-advanced-router]


New Features

  • Add network service provider list command.

  • Add volume host set command, it allows a user to enable or disable a volume host. [Blueprint cinder-command-support]

  • Add --force option to volume snapshot delete command to allow delete in state other than error or available. [Bug 1597195]

  • Add --dns-name option to os port create and os port set commands. [Bug 1612136]

  • Add --project and --project-domain options to the router list, floating ip create and security group list commands. [Bug 1613231] [Bug 1613629] [Bug 1610909]

  • Add consistency group create command in volume v2. [Bug 1613964]

  • Add consistency group delete command in volume v2. [Bug 1613964]

  • Add consistency group show command in volume v2. [Bug 1613964]

  • Add consistency group set command in volume v2. [Bug 1613964]

  • Add --long, --status, --project, --project-domain, and --router options to floating ip list command. [Bug 1614379]

  • Add --port, --fixed-ip-address, --network, options to floating ip list command [Bug 1614379]

  • Add --remote-source option to volume snapshot create command to support creating volume snapshot from an existing remote volume snapshot in volume v2. [Bug 1618676]

  • The image list command will now sort by name in ascending order by default. --sort option will have the default value of name:asc. [Bug 1639231]

  • Add consistency group snapshot create, consistency group snapshot delete, consistency group snapshot list and consistency group snapshot show commands in volume v2. [Bug 1642238]

  • Add Is Public column to volume type list. [Bug 1643861]

  • Add --name, --status and --volume options to volume snapshot list command [Bug 1645252]

  • Add QoS support for Network commands. The new parameter qos-policy is added to network create and network set commands. This parameter is the name or the ID of the network QoS policy to attach to this network. [Bug 1627069]

Deprecation Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Skip password prompt when running commands that do not require auth and user auth values are present except for password. [Bug 1619274] Fixed in release 3.3.0

  • Fix problem with --os-auth-type token_endpoint that caused exceptions when recent os-client-config version 1.23.0 or newer is installed. [Bug 1642301] Fixed in release 3.4.1

  • Changed the default version of OS_IMAGE_API_VERSION to 2. Image v1 has been deprecated for more than six months and other projects, such as shade and os-client-config are using Image v2 by default as well. [Bug 1642772]


Bug Fixes

  • Fix TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'project_domain_id' error with non-password authentication types. [Bug 1642301]


New Features

  • Add support to update high-availability property of a router by adding --ha and --no-ha option to router set CLI. [Bug 1631492]

  • Add support for Network QoS policies commands: network qos policy create, network qos policy delete, network qos policy list, network qos policy show and network qos policy set [Bug 1609037]

  • Add --all-projects option to the volume backup list command to list volume backups across all projects.

  • openstack floating ip now provides Floating Network and Project to identify to which network and project the floating-ip belongs to. [Bug 1566090]

  • Add --security-group and --no-security-group options to port create, port set and port unset commands. [Bug 1612136]

  • Add --ingress, --egress and --protocol options to security group rule list command. [Bug 1613533]

  • Add a new column status and --long option to the result of the os port list command. [Bug 1613995] [Bug 1614321]

  • Add support to allow filtering ports via --mac-address option to the port list command. [Bug 1634333]

  • Add --provider-network-type, --provider-physical-network, and --provider-segment options to the network list command. [Bug 1635580]

  • Add --long option and more columns to the hypervisor list command. [Bug 1637074]

  • Add --name, --enable, --disable options to router list command. [Bug 1637945]

  • Add --name, --status, --volume, --marker and --limit options to volume backup list command [Bug 1639712]

  • rbac_object parameter in network rbac create command now can be a QoS policy name.

Upgrade Notes

  • Rename the --src-group and --src-ip options in the security group rule create command to --remote-group and --remote-ip. The --src-group and --src-ip options are deprecated but still supported, and will be removed in a future release. [Bug 1637365]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the --block-migration and --shared-migration options for server migrate to send the correct values to the Compute API. [Bug 1518059]:

  • A warning message will be shown when an empty password is used for user create and user set operations. [Bug 1607959]

  • Fix router unset --route to correctly removed routes. [Bug 1631471]

  • Fix --no-allocation-pool option for subnet set command to send the correct value to the Network API. [Bug 1518059]:

  • Cliff 2.3.0: The shell formatter would emit invalid shell variable names for field names that contain colons (’:’) and dashes (’-‘), these are now replaced by underscores (’_’). [Bug 1616323]


New Features

  • Ports can now be listed as per the networks they are connected to by using the --network option with the port list CLI. [ Blueprint network-commands-options]

  • Allow --no-fixed-ip and --no-binding-profile options to port set command to be specified when --fixed-ip and --binding-profile are present. This allows the list of fixed IPs and binding profiles to be cleared and replaced with new values in a single command. [Blueprint allow-overwrite-set-options]

  • Add --no-allocation-pool and --no-host-route options to subnet set command that clears the respective values in the specified subnet. This allows new values to replace the entire list of existing values in a single command for allocation pools and host routes. [Blueprint allow-overwrite-set-options]

  • Add volume transfer request create, volume transfer request delete, volume transfer request show and volume transfer request accept commands in volume v1 and v2. [Blueprint cinder-command-support]

  • Add network segment create, network segment delete and network segment set commands. In addition, the network segment list and network segment show commands are no longer beta commands and the --network-segment option on the subnet create command is no longer a beta command option. [Blueprint routed-networks]

  • Add --no-property option to aggregate set command. This allows the property list to be cleared and replaced with new values in a single command. [Blueprint support-no-property-in-aggregate]

  • Supported to fetch network project default quota with command quota show --default. [Bug 1204956]

  • Add --internal, --name, --project and --project-domain, --enable and --disable, --share and --no share, --status options to the network list command. [Bug 1578819]

  • Add --name option to command object create for uploading a file and renaming it. [Bug 1607972]

  • Support to update per_volume_gigabytes, backup_gigabytes and backups quota in quota set command. [Bug 1609767]

  • Add --ha option to router create command. [Bug 1610161]

  • Add --project, --project-domain, --network, --gateway, --name and --subnet-range options to the subnet list command. [Bug 1610883]

  • Add --limit option to volume list command in volume v1, add --limit and --marker options to volume list command in volume v2. [Bug 1612484]

  • Add volume backup set commands in volume v2. [Bug 1613261]

  • Add volume service set commands in volume v1 and v2. [Bug 1613597]

  • Add --share, --no-share, --project, --project-domain, --default, --no-default, --name and --address-scope options to the subnet pool list command. [Bug 1613926]

  • Add consistency group list command in volume v2. [Bug 1613964]

  • Support listing the specified server’s ports by new option --server of port list command. [Bug 1614385]

  • Adds --description option to subnet create and subnet set commands. [Bug 1614458]

  • Adds --description option to subnet pool create and subnet pool set commands. [Bug 1614823]

  • Add --source-replicated, --consistency-group, --hint and --multi-attach options to volume create command in volume v2. Make --size optional when --snapshot, --source or source-replicated options are present. [Bug 1627913]

  • Add --service-type option to the subnet create, subnet set, subnet unset, and subnet list commands. [ Blueprint service-subnets]

Security Issues

  • Mask passwords when --debug or -vv options are used. [Bug 1630822]

Bug Fixes

  • Add --bootable and --non-bootable options to os volume set command to mark volume as bootable or non-bootable. [Bug 1535704]

  • Update novaclient DEFAULT_API_VERSION from 2.0 to 2.1 [Bug 1588171]

  • Fix the --class option in quota set and quota show commands to not perform a project lookup in Identity. [Bug 1609233]

  • Do not show os-volume-type-access:is_public property which is the same as is_public property of volume type object. [Bug 1620922]

  • Fix --long option in router list command for deployments without the router_availability_zone extension is not enabled. [Bug 1622565]

  • Fix missing _username attribute error in server ssh command. [Bug 1624085]