Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove role assignments from keystone that reference non-existent users or groups.

    [Bug 2006635]


Bug Fixes

  • [Story 2005246] The is_domain property safely handles type checking.

  • Fixes the “No server with a name or ID of ‘id’ exists” error when running server list --deleted --marker. The fix removes using a name for the marker when both --deleted and --marker are used. In this scenario an ID must be supplied for the marker. [Story 2006761]


New Features

  • Add floating IP Port Forwarding commands: floating ip port forwarding create, floating ip port forwarding delete, floating ip port forwarding list, floating ip port forwarding set and floating ip port forwarding show.

  • Add --host option to server migrate command (cold migration) to specify the target host of the migration. Requires --os-compute-api-version 2.56 or greater to target a specific host for the (cold) migration. [Story 2003325]

  • Add server resize confirm and server resize revert commands. These replace the now deprecated --confirm and --revert options to the server resize commands, respectively.

  • Add --extra-dhcp-options parameter to the port create command. The neutronclient port-create command can accept extra DHCP options, add it to the openstackclient in order to be consistent.

  • Add --ethertype option to security group rule list command. Valid values are ipv4 and ipv6.

  • Add --reason option to the server lock command to specify a reason when locking a server. Requires –os-compute-api-version 2.73 or greater.

  • Add --locked option to the server list command to list only locked servers. Requires –os-compute-api-version 2.73 or greater.

  • Add --unlocked option to the server list command list only unlocked servers. Requires –os-compute-api-version 2.73 or greater. [Blueprint add-locked-reason]

  • Add --availability-zone option to server unshelve command to enable users to specify an availability zone during unshelve of a shelved offloaded server. Note that it requires --os-compute-api-version 2.77 or greater. [Blueprint support-specifying-az-when-restore-shelved-server]

  • Add --boot-from-volume option to the server create command to create a volume-backed server from the specified image with the specified size when used in conjunction with the --image or --image-property options. [Story 2006302]

  • The server create --block-device-mapping option now supports an image type in addition to volume and snapshot. When specifying an image block device the compute service will create a volume from the image of the specified size and attach it to the server. [Story 2006302]

Upgrade Notes

  • Security group rule listings now have the Ethertype field displayed by default to more easily differentiate between IPv4 and IPv6 rules. In addition, the IP Range field of a security group will be changed to for IPv4 and ::/0 for IPv6 if no value is returned for the address, based on the Ethertype field of the rule. For further information see [Bug 1735575]

  • Commands that assumed the default value of --protocol to be tcp now must include --protocol tcp explicitly in Network commands.

  • Remove deprecated ip fixed add|remove commands. Use server add|remove fixed ip commands instead.

  • Remove deprecated ip floating add|remove commands. Use server add|remove floating ip commands instead.

  • Remove deprecated role list options --project and --user. Use role assignment list options --project and --user instead.

  • Remove deprecated user role list command. Use role assignment list options --project and --user instead.

  • Remove deprecated service create option --type. The type is supplied as a positional argument in The service create --name <service-name> type command.

  • Remove image create|set option --owner. Use --project option instead.

  • Remove deprecated port create|set options --device-id and --host-id. Use --device and --host options instead.

  • Remove deprecated router set option --clear-routes. Use --no-route option instead.

  • Remove deprecated security group rule create options --src-ip and --src-group. Use --remote-ip and --remote-group options instead.

  • Remove deprecated backup commands. Use volume backup commands instead.

  • Remove deprecated snapshot commands. Use volume snapshot commands instead.

  • Remove deprecated volume create options --project, --user and --multi-attach.

  • Change volume transfer request accept to use new required option --auth-key rather than a second positional argument.

  • Volume commands now default to Volume API 3. On older clouds that do not support Volume 3.x --os-volume-api-version 2 or the adition of volume_api_version: '2' in clouds.yaml will be required.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecate the --confirm and --revert options for the server resize command. They have been replaced with the server resize confirm and server resize revert` commands, respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Change the default value of --protocol option to any in security group rule create command when using the Neutron v2 API. [Bug 1716789]

  • The compute service set command now properly handles --os-compute-api-version 2.53 and greater. [Story 2005349]

  • Compute API v2.40+ returns all matching entities rather than being limited to the API server configured maximum (CONF.api.max_limit). [Story 2005099]

Other Notes

  • The configuration show command no longer requires authentication. This is useful in debugging cloud configurations, particularly auth configurations.


New Features

  • Add --changes-before option to the server list command. This requires Compute API version ‘2.66’ or later. [:lpbug: 1827844]

  • Add security_group as a valid --type value for the network rbac create and network rbac list commands.

  • Add --description option to server create, server rebuild, server set and server unset commands. [Bug 2002005]

Deprecation Notes

  • The --live option on the openstack server migrate command has been deprecated and is being replaced with two new options:

    • --live-migration: This will signal that the migration is a live migration.

    • --host: This can be used to request a target host for the live migration but requires --os-compute-api-version 2.30 or greater so the requested host can be validated by the scheduler.

    The --live option is problematic in that it requires a host and prior to compute API version 2.30, specifying a host during live migration will bypass validation by the scheduler which could result in failures to actually migrate the server to the specified host or over-subscribe the host.

    The --live and --host options are mutually exclusive. Furthermore, if both the --live and --live-migration options are used the --live-migration option takes priority.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1411190 has been fixed by providing a --live-migration and --host option to the openstack server migrate command.

  • Fix RuntimeError in project show command running under Python 3. [Bug 1740232]

  • Re-open stdout in binary mode before writing object data in object save --file - command. [Bug 1775482]

  • Fix endpoint group delete command to properly delete endpoint groups. [Story 2005521]

  • The --limit option of the image list command was previously ignored. [Bug 2004314]