Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add --name-lookup-one-by-one option to the server list command that is (mutually exclusive with -n | --no-name-lookup). When provided, the names of images and flavors will be resolved one by one only for those images and flavors that are needed to display the obtained list of servers instead of fetching all the images and flavors. Depending on amount of images in your deployment this can speed up the execution of this command.

  • When given --image or --flavor argument, the server list command now resolves only single image or flavor instead of fetching all the images or flavors for name lookup purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • Re-open stdout in binary mode before writing object data in object save --file - command. [Bug 1775482]

  • The compute service set command now properly handles --os-compute-api-version 2.53 and greater. [Story 2005349]


Bug Fixes

  • The openstack server add floating ip command has been fixed to handle servers with multiple ports attached. Previously, the command was using the first port in the port list when attempting to associate the floating ip. This could fail if the server had multiple ports and the first port in the list was not attached to an external gateway. Another way it could fail is if the --fixed-ip-address option was passed and the first port did not have the specified fixed IP address attached to it. Now, the openstack server add floating ip command will find the port attached to the specified --fixed-ip-address, if provided, else it will try multiple ports until one is found attached to an external gateway. If a suitable port is not found in the port list, an error will be returned.


New Features

  • Add --mtu option to network create and network set commands, allowing CLI users to set the MTU for Neutron networks.


New Features

  • Add --device-id option to the port list command.

  • Add support for attaching and removing qos policy to floating IPs.

    Add option --qos-policy to the floating ip create and floating ip set commands to add qos policy to a floating IP.

    Add option --no-qos-policy to the floating ip set and option --qos-policy to the floating ip unset command to remove the qos policy from a floating IP.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable when Glance cannot find image data in its backend. [Bug 1741223]


New Features

  • Support for creating, deleting, and listing implied roles has been added. This allows users to create an inference rule between two roles. The first, called the prior role is the role explicitly assigned to an individual. The second, called the implied role, is one that the user is assgined implicitly. Additionally, these rules can be chained, such that an implied role from the first inference rule can be the implied role in the second. Thus one explicitly assigned role can lead to multiple implied roles. implied role create <role> --implied-role <implied-role> creates an association between prior and implied roles. implied role delete <role> --implied-role <implied-role> removes an association between prior and implied roles. implied role list Lists all implied roles that currently exist.

  • Add network qos rule type show command.

  • Add server add network command. This command will create a neutron port from the specified neutron network and attach the port to the specified instance.

  • Add server remove network command. This command will remove all network ports from the specified network and instance.

  • Add --use-prefix-delegation option to the subnet create command to specify ‘Prefix Delegation’ as a subnetpool when creating subnets. [Bug 1513894]

  • Add router interfaces info (as field interfaces_info) to router show command. The information of router interface include port’s ID, IP address, the subnet ID it belongs. [Bug 1675489]

  • Add any as a --protocol option to security group rule create command. [Bug 1517134]

  • Add endpoint add project, endpoint remove project and endpoint list commands to manage endpoint filters in identity v3.

Bug Fixes

  • Add --image and --password options to the server rescue command. [Bug 1703278]

  • Fix occurrences of the network agent delete command failing with newer releases of python-openstacksdk. [Bug 1711301]

  • It is now possible to create a security rule without specifying protocol (using --protocol any), which skips sending the protocol to the API server entirely. Previously TCP was forced as default protocol when none was specified.

  • Fix the project purge command to correctly delete only images owned by the specified project ID when run by an administrative user. [Bug 1717130]

  • Add --no-fixed-ip option to port create command. [Bug 1717829]

  • Fix an issue with endpoint list working slow because it is issuing one GET request to /v3/services/<id> Keystone API for each endpoint. In case of HTTPS keystone endpoint and multiple regions it can take significant amount of time. [Bug 1719413]

  • Add target-all-projects option in rbac create command. [Bug 1728525]

  • Remove the type value limit in credentials when do create, reset or list. Now ‘totp’ method is supported in keystone project and we could create credentials with ‘totp’ type. [Bug 1731848]

  • Fix the operation of the --changes-since option to the server list command. [Bug 1732216]

  • Remove the client-side check for valid --policy values in the server group create command. Specify --os-compute-api-version 2.15 or higher for the soft-affinity or soft-anti-affinity policy. [Bug 1732938]

  • openstack subnet create failed with a NoneType exception when there were no tags. [Bug 1735836]

  • Add support to set --icmp-type and --icmp-code to 0 in the security group rule command. [Bug 1703704]