Xena Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in “access rule” subcommands where the client logic incorrectly assumed that access rules have a “name” property which resulted in unpredictable behaviors. e.g. “access rule delete {non-existent-id}” now results in a not-found error instead of sometimes deleting an unrelated rule.


New Features

  • Add support for compute API microversion 2.47, which changes how flavor details are included in server detail responses. In 2.46 and below, only the flavor ID was shown in the server detail response. Starting in 2.47, flavor information is embedded in the server response. The newer behavior is now supported.

Bug Fixes

  • Filtering servers by tags (server list --tag, server list --not-tag) now works correctly. [Bug 1946816]

  • Fixed create image from volume command. If user wants to pass visibility and protected fields, they need to specify volume microversion 3.1 or greater by passing os-volume-api-version 3.1 with the command.


New Features

  • Add new commands network l3 conntrack helper create, network l3 conntrack helper set, network l3 conntrack helper show, network l3 conntrack helper set and network l3 conntrack helper delete to support Neutron L3 conntrack helper CRUD operations.

  • Add --no-incremental, --property and --availability-zone options to volume backup create command, allowing users to request a non-incremental backup, set a metadata property on the created backup, and set an availability zone on the created backup, respectively.

  • Add --property and --no-property options to the volume backup set command to set a metadata property or remove all metadata properties from an existing backup.

  • Add new volume backup unset command to allow unsetting of properties from an existing volume backup.

  • Add volume attachment create, volume attachment delete, volume attachment list, volume attachment complete, volume attachment set and volume attachment show commands to create, delete, list, complete, update and show volume attachments, respectively.

  • Add volume group create, volume group delete, volume group list, volume group failover, volume group set and volume attachment show commands to create, delete, list, failover, update and show volume groups, respectively.

  • Add volume group snapshot create, volume group snapshot delete, volume group snapshot list and volume group snapshot show commands to create, delete, list, and show volume group snapshots, respectively.

  • Add volume group type create, volume group type delete, volume group type list, volume group type set/unset and volume group type show commands to create, delete, list, update, and show volume group types, respectively.

  • Add volume message list, volume message get and volume message delete commands, to list, get and delete volume failure messages, respectively.

  • The volume transfer request create command now accepts the --snapshots / --no-snapshots option to configure whether to create a transfer request for a volume without snapshots or not.

  • Add column Forced Down to the output of compute service list --long. Only available starting with --os-compute-api-version 2.11.

  • Add mutually exclusive options --hidden and --unhidden to image set command to hide or unhide an image (is_hidden attribute).

  • Add option --hidden to image list command to list hidden images.

  • The port create --vnic-type option now accepts a vdpa value.

Bug Fixes

  • The --name and --description options of the volume backup set command will now verify the version requested on the client side. Previously this would fail on the server side.