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I18n チームミーティング


While I18n team is not holding meetings with regular cadence, it is highly encouraged to propose discussion topics and share opinions in open source manner. If you have any agenda which looks relevant for I18n team, feel free to propose by getting in touch.


I18n team is looking for meeting chairs - please reach SIG Chair if interested.

The I18n team previously held weekly Team Meetings on Thursdays at alternating times in #openstack-meeting IRC channel. To download ICS file, please visit eavesdrop page.


奇数週、偶数週は ISO 週番号 で計算されます。

The meeting was interconnected with the Documentation Team Meeting. The first 30 minutes were reserved for I18n topics and the second part was for Documentation Team topics.


Everybody can propose agenda topics on I18nTeamMeeting Wiki Page. If there are no topics proposed, the meeting might be canceled for that week.

Usual topics

  • Review of action items from the previous meeting

  • Translation activities with plans from language teams

  • Launchpad bugs, Gerrit reviews, and broken Zuul jobs

  • Open discussion

Handy links (always sort of on the agenda)


You can refer to previous meeting logs with their notes.

Web 版 IRC client

If you are not familiar with IRC, please read Contributor Guide. You can simply use the web client for OFTC to come to #openstack-i18n channel.

IRC ミーティングのコマンド

以下は IRC ミーティングでよく使う便利なコマンドです。

#startmeeting openstack_i18n_meeting
#topic open discussions
#info useful information
#link http://contents