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このページでは、レビューアー向けに Zanata からの翻訳の自動インポートに詳細を説明しています。

OpenStack での翻訳について詳しくない場合は、まず、プロジェクトチームガイドの 国際化と翻訳 (Internationalization and Translation) を読んでください。


How are translations handled?

Translators translate repositories using the translation server which runs the Zanata software.

Every day, new translations get imported into the repositories using a proposal job. These need to have a review on whether the bot worked properly. You can see all open reviews in Gerrit. The subject of these patches is always "Imported Translations from Zanata".


If you are reviewing these translations, keep the following in mind:

  • The change is done by a bot. If anything looks wrong with it, you need to actively reach out to the OpenStack I18n team and point the problem out.

  • The goal of the review is that the structure of the change is fine, it's not that the strings are translated properly. The review of translated strings is done by teams using the translation server.

  • If you notice bad translations in a language, file a bug (see 翻訳バグの報告). Then the translation team will update the translation. We recommend to still import this change as is and import later the fix to not block other valid translations to merge.

  • Nobody should change translation files (the .po files in the locale directory) besides the bot. The next automatic import will override any change again. Therefore, leave a -1 vote on any such changes and point developer to this document.

  • The proposal bot also removes files, it removes files that have very few translations in them. Note that no translations will be lost, they are still in the translation server.

    Also, release notes translations are only needed on master since release notes are published only from master, the translations get removed on stable branches.

  • ほとんどのプロジェクトでは、翻訳インポートについては、2 人ではなく 1 人のコアレビューアーによる承認を採用しています。