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OpenStack の正式な翻訳者

OpenStack の翻訳者になるための手順

翻訳は、OpenStack コミュニティーに対する重要な貢献方法のひとつです。正式な翻訳者になるには、以下の手順を完了する必要があります。

  1. Before you start contribution, you'll have to agree to the contributor license agreement. (You can preview the full text of the OpenInfra Foundation Individual Contributor License Agreement first if you want.)


    If you want to become a translator only, simply speaking, you need to join The OpenInfra Foundation - Individual. You can see more details at Contributor Guide - Account Setup.

  2. Zanata でユーザー ID を登録します

    • Zanata server を開きます。

    • 「ログイン」ボタンをクリックします。

    • If you don't have OpenInfra ID (previously, OpenStack ID), register one.

    • After you log in with OpenInfra ID, you will be requested to fill in your profile.



  3. 翻訳チームへの参加を申請します

    • 上部にある「言語」をクリックすると、すべての言語が一覧表示されます。

    • 翻訳に参加したい言語をクリックすると、その言語のページが表示されます。

    • 右側の "..." をクリックして、「Request to join team」を選択します。

    • 「追加の情報」として、名前などの簡単な自己紹介を書いて、「Send message」をクリックして下さい。



  4. 参加申請が承認されると、電子メールで通知が来ます。


    If your request is pending for long days, you can reach to your language coordinator through Zanata, to I18n people through IRC , or to I18n SIG Chair directly.

  5. これで、翻訳を開始できるようになりました。翻訳を行うことで、OpenStack の正式な翻訳者になることができます。 さまざまな参加の仕方 があります。

Active Contributor status in I18n project

The I18n team is one of official OpenStack SIGs (Special Interest Groups), so official translators who have contributed translations to the strings in code (e.g., Horizon) or documentations in official OpenStack projects or OpenStack SIGs in a specific period are regarded as "AC" (Active Contributor) of the I18n SIG. AC can vote for OpenStack TC (Technical Committee). For more detail on AC and TC, see OpenStack Technical Committee Charter.


AC is a renamed term from "ATC" (Active Technical Contributor) which are the same. You can see more details on 2021-06-02 'OpenStack ATC' definition. This page also uses ATC term to mention old calculation and statistics.

As of now, AC of official translators are treated as extra ACs as we have no way to collect statistics automatically now. The list of extra ACs is maintained by the SIG Chair and is usually updated short before the deadline of extra ACs nomination in each release cycle. The deadline of extra ACs nomination can be checked in the release schedule page at http://releases.openstack.org/ (for example, http://releases.openstack.org/bobcat/schedule.html).

Translators who translate and review 300 and more words combinedly in the last six months until the deadline of extra ACs nomination are nominated as ACs, and the AC status of translators is valid for one year. Translation count and review count can be added up. The detail period is determined by the SIG Chair in each cycle. For Newton cycle, the six month period was from 2016-02-01 to 2016-07-31, and the ATC status expired on July 2017 for the translators and reviewers with no additional contributions.


I18n SIG Chair updates the list using Zanata API and translator list. Detail statistics data is available below.

If you have a question, feel free to ask it to the SIG Chair or the i18n list.

Note that code or documentation contributors to openstack/i18n repository are acknowledged as AC automatically in the same way as for most OpenStack projects and/or SIGs.

AC members of I18n project

A current list all ACs is available at i18n part in https://opendev.org/openstack/governance/src/branch/master/reference/sigs-repos.yaml.

統計情報は a Python script を使って Zanata statistics API から情報を取得して計算されます。翻訳者のリストは openstack/i18n git repositorytranslation_team.yaml で管理されています。

i18n プロジェクトの ATC メンバー

Before the transition to I18n SIG, I18n team was formed as one of official OpenStack projects and the ATC list was maintained by proposing a patch to projects.yaml on governance repository.


On June 2021, ATC was renamed to AC. More information is available at one TC resolution.