2023.2 Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Support for building Masakari images is no longer deprecated. The Masakari CI scenarios are now working again, and commitment has been made to improve the health of the project.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where swtpm and swtpm-tools deb packages are missing in ‘nova-compute’ and ‘nova-libvirt’ containers which keeps ‘nova-compute’ container from starting when operator enables TPM support in Nova. LP#2062572

  • Fixes a bug where the rsync RPM package was missing in the swift-base container. See bug 2062072 for details.


Upgrade Notes

  • Kolla toolbox is now using ansible-core 2.15 (to sync with Kolla-Ansible max supported version).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the issue with command not found within letsencrypt-lego container. LP#2051111


Bug Fixes

  • The Nova API container extended startup script has been updated to only sync the local Nova cell. This resolves an error that would occur when the Nova database password changes. More details can be found on this bug report.


New Features

  • Adds an API layer to letsencrypt image which are represented by set of scripts. Those scripts are called from kolla-ansible orchestration.

  • A new engine command-line option has been added to the client, to allow the user to specify a container engine to be used for image build, instead of the default docker container engine. Kolla now supports both docker and podman container engines.

  • The magnum-cluster-api driver has been added to the Kolla images for Magnum. This driver allows Magnum to create Kubernetes clusters using the Cluster API project.

  • Add venus-dashboard to horizon image.

  • Debian Bookworm images now use MariaDB upstream repository as package source.

  • Implements transition from docker.APIClient low level client to docker.DockerClient.

  • Adds the installation of the Neutron plugin tap-as-a-service in the neutron-base image as a python package. This allows a user to configure this plugin and provide Neutron with port mirroring capabilities.

  • The octavia-api container image now also performs the upgrade of the octavia_persistence database in bootstrap mode.

  • Introduces block openstack_base_override_upper_constraints to provide users with the capability to globally override version constraints for services.

Upgrade Notes

  • ProxySQL version was increased to 2.5.x

  • RabbitMQ version has been updated to 3.12 and Erlang to 26.

  • RHEL derivates images now use RDO Bobcat release for OpenStack services dependencies.

  • The openvswitch-netcontrold image has been dropped.

  • Update Prometheus services to latest releases:

    • blackbox_exporter 0.22.0 -> 0.24.0

    • elasticsearch_exporter 1.5.0 -> 1.6.0

    • haproxy_exporter 0.13.0 -> 0.15.0

    • memcached_exporter 0.10.0 -> 0.13.0

    • mysqld_exporter 0.14.0 -> 0.15.0

    • node_exporter 1.4.0 -> 1.7.0

    • ovn_exporter 1.0.6 -> 1.0.7

    • prometheus 2.38.0 -> 2.48.0

    • prometheus_alertmanager 0.24.0 -> 0.26.0

    • prometheus_cadvisor 0.45.0 -> 0.47.2

    • prometheus_mtail v3.0.0-rc50 -> v3.0.0-rc52

    • prometheus_msteams 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecates support for building Masakari images. Support for building Masakari images will be removed from Kolla in the Caracal Release.

  • Deprecates support for building Sahara images. Support for building Sahara images will be removed from Kolla in the Caracal Release.

  • Deprecates support for building Vitrage images. Support for building Vitrage images will be removed from Kolla in the Caracal Release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing way for kolla-toolbox to be built offline. LP#2020761

  • Adds missing grafana-opensearch-datasource plugin to the list of plugins in the docker image.

  • Fix container restart conditions to be tolerant of missing optional source and/or destination files. For more details, see the following bug report