Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • use dumb-init to manage the pid 1 process



This release is production ready for real world field deployments. This release has been tested on a 64 ndoe 13 TB ram 2600 core cluster as well as numerous co-beta sites evaluating Kolla.

New Features

  • Start using reno.

  • Named volumes used throughout kolla to remove data loss scenario with data containers.

  • Introduction of kolla_docker ansible module to decouple Kolla from Ansible’s slow release schedule for Ansible’s docker module.

  • Upgrade of all OpenStack services implemented.

  • Upgrade of all infrastructure services implemented.

  • Reconfigure running OpenStack services with new configuration.

  • Network interface for control and compute nodes configurable.

  • Usage of rabbitmq clusterer for cluster management of rabbitmq.

  • Diagnostics system introduced based upon Heka, Elastic Search, and Kibana.

  • Nearly all containners drop root privileges for improved security.

  • Isolation of internal and external API networks.

  • TLS implementation for the external network.

  • Audit logs significantly improved.

  • Custom repositories may be specified in the base image.

  • New big tent service Manila.

  • All Neutron containers converted to thin containers.

  • Pin Ceph to hammer version.

  • Source installations now deploy from a virtual environment in the containers

  • Addtion of build profiles.

  • Upgrade to docker 1.10.z.

  • Deployment speed improvement of 500%.