Stein Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes Mistral source images to respect upper-constraints.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the FC Cinder backend usage in Nova. LP#1884484

  • Fixes an issue with the kolla_set_configs --check command when the source is a directory. LP#1890567

  • Fixes an issue which can block the Monasca Fluentd output plugin. LP#1889065


Bug Fixes

  • Drop systemd support from nsswitch.conf on RHEL-based distros. This avoids unneeded systemd nss lookups inside containers and it also avoids possible selinux denials when a container bind mounts /run and makes the dbus socket available inside the container only to be denied by selinux on the host.


Bug Fixes

  • Adds openssh-clients to ironic conductor container build to enable ansible deploy interface to function properly.

  • Adds python3-systemd package to ironic-conductor source based container to allow the Ansible deploy interface to function correctly. Fixes bug #1861427

  • Fix inability to run UEFI-based images/instances by installing UEFI packages also in nova-libvirt image which is not based on nova-base. LP#1814552

  • Fix bug which caused Keystone Fernet key distribution to fail on Python 3 systems, by adapting script to work on Python 3. LP#1859047

  • Keystone bootstrap could produce invalid json. LP#1866017

  • Fixes the MAX_NUMBER variable usage when running the database online migrations for cinder.

  • Fixes Glance inability to use Cinder NFS backend for images by including NFS client components in the Glance API image. LP#1868574

  • Adds missing vitrage-persistor image, required by Vitrage deployments for storing data. LP#1869319

  • Fix kolla_toolbox_pip_virtualenv_packages customisation. LP#1865119

  • Fixes Rally for Ubuntu binary deployment. LP#1872283

  • Upgrades Gnocchi from 4.3.2 to 4.3.4. This version includes several bug fixes, in particular one for an issue when coordination is disabled. This minor version upgrade shouldn’t require any intervention from the operator.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes unavailability of an etcd3-compatible tooz coordination driver in Ubuntu binary images by installing python3-etcd3gw. See bug 1852086 for details.

  • Fixes an issue with keystone bootstrap where an error message emitted by the keystone-manage bootstrap command is hidden. See bug 1855701 for details.

  • Converts deprecated command rally-manage db to rally db. LP#1856693

  • Fixes swift-object-expirer for Debian and Ubuntu binary images. LP#1859607



The Kolla 8.0.0 release is the first release in the Stein cycle. Highlights include full support for the OpenStack Monasca project, support for the Placement service which has been extracted from Nova, and an xtrabackup image for taking database backups. This release also lays the groundwork for Python 3 support in the Train release.

New Features

  • Adds a new variable distro_python_version to store the version of Python used in the OS distribution used as a base. Can be used to handle checks for python 2 or 3 checks and to find the site-packages directory.

  • Adds Cyborg images. Cyborg is an OpenStack service for managing hardware accelerators.

  • Adds a debian_arch variable which can be used in Dockerfile.j2 files instead of checking architecture names. For ‘x86-64’ it has a value of ‘amd64’ and uses ‘arm64’ on ‘aarch64’ architecture. This is handy for fetching external release files.

  • The manila-api dockerfile now contains support for httpd and mod_wsgi packages for all supported platforms. It also contains the mod_ssl package for RHEL/centos and oraclelinux. Docker entrypoints can now use the httpd configuration seeded to run the manila-api service with httpd/mod_wsgi.

  • Adds an image for the Monasca fork of Grafana (v4.0.1). The Monasca fork of Grafana adds Keystone integration, allowing Grafana users to log in with their OpenStack credentials and see Metrics from their OpenStack project.

  • Adds an image for Prometheus mtail. Mtail is a utility for turning logs into metrics in Prometheus.

  • Adds a tripleoclient image. This image can be used interactively for ad-hoc tripleoclient commands or automated to output Ansible playbooks from TripleO Heat Templates for TripleO deployment.

  • Adds configration option use_dumb_init, with default value of True. This can be use to avoid the of dumb-init as the container entrypoint, using kolla_start directly instead. This option can also be disabled via the kolla-build --nouse-dumb-init CLI argument.

  • Adds a base_package_type configuration option which will default to rpm for RHEL-based distros and deb for Debian-based systems. This can be used in Dockerfile.j2 files instead of checking based on distro names.

  • Add a clean_package_cache configuration option, set to True by default for backward compatibility. This option controls the package cache cleaning when building the images.

  • Debian ‘buster’ is now used instead of ‘stretch’. Buster is the next stable release of Debian, and is currently in a ‘freeze’ state. Several images gained Debian support with the move to buster.

  • Adds a distro_package_manager configuration option that can be used to specify which package manager commands should be used for a given operating system. The default value is dnf for RHEL 8 or Fedora, yum for other RHEL-based systems, or apt for Debian-based systems.

  • Adds a new get_pip macro that allows to bootstrap ‘pip’ in image.

  • Adds initial support for python 3 packages for RHEL systems provided by RDO.

  • Adds support for the Sahara plugins, which are provided separately from the core since the Stein release. The currently supported methods are source (through the sahara_base_packages variable) and RPM (through the dedicated sahara_base_plugins_pip_packages.)

  • The placement API has been moved into its own images, since it has been extracted from Nova into a separate project.

  • The Monasca output plugin is now installed in the Fluentd container to enable posting logs from Fluentd to the Monasca Log API.

Known Issues

  • Sahara plugins are no longer provided in Ubuntu binary images, since they were not packaged by the distribution in time for the Kolla Stein release.

Upgrade Notes

  • Moves the ENTRYPOINT statement outside of the dumb_init_installation Jinja block in the base image. Overriding this block to install dumb-init by another method no longer requires repeating the ENTRYPOINT statement. Users wishing to avoid the use of dumb-init altogether can now use the use_dumb_init configuration option.

  • Removes kernel module loading from startup scripts packaged with the images. Kernel modules must now be loaded on the host directly.

  • The mariadb image has been modified to use a different ENTRYPOINT that avoids passing a --single-child argument to dumb-init. This entrypoint is enclosed in a Jinja2 block called mariadb_entrypoint that allows it to be overridden if necessary.

  • The nova-placement-api image has been renamed to placement-api.

  • Separates the single zaqar image into zaqar-server and zaqar-wsgi images.

  • Upgrades MariaDB to version 10.3.10 in the mariadb image for RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux.

Deprecation Notes

  • The crane image was introduced during Stein and is now deprecated in the Stein release. The upstream Pulp project is dropping crane, it has been removed from Fedora, and there are no plans to port it to python 3.

Other Notes

  • Removes the neutron-sfc-agent image. It was deprecated and marked for removal during Queens release.

  • The vitrage-collector service has been removed by the Vitrage project, so the vitrage-collector image has been removed from Kolla.