Ocata Series Release Notes

Ocata Series Release Notes



Kolla-Kubernetes by default uses Ceph for stateful storage. With Kubernetes 1.5 support was added for Ceph dynamic volume provisioning as requested by claims made against the API server. The images supplied by Google do not include the RBD binary that is required to support this feature.

  • In the Newton cycle a new kolla-host playbook was introduced. The kolla-host playbook is intended to prepare servers for use as kolla deployment hosts. The kolla-host playbook requires the nodes to have an os installed and be reachable via ssh. Currently the kolla-host playbook supports ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 16.04 and centos 7.2 as target servers. See features section for more details.
  • Move manila-share service to network node.

New Features

  • Add deployment and management of Designate OpenStack services.
  • Add freezer Dockerfile
  • add grafana log in heka
  • Add kafka image, used in Monasca
  • Add Karbor Dockerfile , Karbor is an OpenStack project that provides a pluggable framework for protecting and restoring Data and Metadata.
  • Add Kubernetes control pane images with Ceph RBD support.
  • Add monasca images
  • Add neutron-vpnaas role
  • Add Panko dockerfile, Panko is a component of the Telemetry project
  • Add solum Dockerfile
  • Add tacker docker container
  • Add –tarballs-base parameter for kolla-build script. It allows you to different base url for tarballs.
  • Add zookeeper image, used in monasca
  • Add zun docker container
  • Allow customisation of policy.json files per service.
  • Allow operators to customise the installation of pip within kolla-toolbox.
  • Add –pull/–nopull parameter for kolla-build, when –nopull is given and the base image is already loaded, The docker-engine will not attempt to pull a newer version of the image. This makes sense when the registry server of base images is unreachable.
  • Import Murano core library during install required for Murano operation.
  • The kolla-host playbook supports bootrapping clean os installations to enable them to be used as kolla hosts. When the playbook completes the bootstraped systems should pass the kolla prechecks.
  • The kolla-host playbook will install docker 1.11 and docker-py on all baremetal nodes.
  • The kolla-host playbook will configure /etc/host with the hostname and ip address of all nodes in the kolla inventroy if customize_etc_host set to its default value of True.
  • Add a redis image used by ceilometer and zaqar
  • Static uid and gid are now set in container images. This ensures the numbers do not change and mess up upgrades from one image to another. These values are customizable in the kolla-build.conf if someone should wish to change the default values. By default, the uid and gid are set to 42400+, with the exception of Ceph, which is set to the static 64045 which matches the static uid that the package already uses.
  • Unmount Ceph OSD disks as part of ‘kolla-ansible destroy’
  • Add Vitrage Dockerfile, Vitrage is the OpenStack RCA (Root Cause Analysis) service for organizing, analyzing and expanding OpenStack alarms & events, yielding insights regarding the root cause of problems and deducing their existence before they are directly detected. Also, it is in the big-tent.

Known Issues

  • Customer facing DNS servers for use with Designate still required to be set up manually.
  • These images will need to be retagged by operators to use with standard Kubernetes deployment tooling such as kubeadm.

Upgrade Notes

  • Is required that for the generic driver the manila-share service should be run on the network node. The generic driver is our default driver, so this change is needed.
  • Fedora based Docker images were removed. Fedora based Docker images were deprecated as of the Newton release cycle.
  • The –include-header and –include-footer parameters were deprecated as of the Newton release. They should be move use header and footer block in template overrides file. The two parameters are removed in the Ocata-release.

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova-network service was deprecated, we remove it from the nova container.

Security Issues

  • The kolla-host playbook will create a kolla user on all nodes using the ssh-key specified in the passwords.yml. The kolla user will be granted passwordless sudo privileges on the host. this behavior can be disabled by setting create_kolla_user=False

Bug Fixes

  • Integrates gnocchi with ceph to resolve the lack of HA.

Other Notes

  • Congress doesn’t work correctly out of the box and will not deploy. See Bug
  • In the Ocata cycle, two new template-override subdirectories were added to contrib and doc directory. template override files stored in the contrib/template-override directory will not be gated and serve as an example of how to extend in-tree container images for specific use cases e.g. source build of infrastructure containers. Templates stored in contrib/template-override should have to correspond documentation in doc/template-override to describe their use.
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